Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

Surrounded by Towering Palms and Flowing Rivers
Ahvaz attraction p - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz
23 Aug

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

Khuzestan Province, the hot land of towering trees and flowing rivers, features a collection of natural and cultural attractions in and outside its capital city, Ahvaz. Like to check out these southwestern charms of Iran? Then you’ll need a list of the top attractions of Ahvaz. If you are staying in (and around) Ahvaz for 2-3 days, start from the top of the list and check out the Must-see Ahvaz Tourist Attractions. If you’ve got 4 to 6 days to stay, after the must-see section, move down the Ahvaz Attractions Worth Visiting list. And if Ahvaz is hosting you for more than 6 days, the Have More Time section can help you deepen your trip.

Must-See Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Things to Do in Ahvaz

Things to Do in Ahvaz – Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

To us, the ancient world is a world of mystery. A world filled with incredibly advanced structures, strange symbols, precious artifacts and creepy rituals. One of these amazing structures is an almost 5000-year-old ziggurat left from ancient Iran: Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat. As the largest ziggurat of the world outside Mesopotamia and the best-preserved of them, the ruins of the lost city of the Kingdom of Elam is now a top historical attraction near Shush (120 km to Ahvaz).

Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, around Ahvaz, Iran

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

One of the must-see Ahvaz tourist attractions, an engineering wonder from classical antiquity, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System (UNESCO-registered site) will impress you with its magnificence. Indeed, it has been an extraordinary work to build such a stunning water system about 2000 years ago, using the most basic tools. This complex system is so splendid that the UNESCO world heritage center listed it as a “masterpiece of creative genius”. The whole structure of this Ahvaz attraction included 13 pieces such as dams, weirs, bridges and watermills.

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

Things to Do in Ahvaz – Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, around Ahvaz, Iran

Things to Do in Ahvaz Iran – Apadana Palace

In 6th century BC, Darius the Great gathered materials and people from around the ancient world to set the foundations of a royal complex as impressive as his empire. Apadana Palace was the result. It is now one of the most important parts of the ancient city of Susa (UNESCO World Heritage). The remains of this prototype of ceremonial architecture are now a top attraction of Shush.

Apadana Palace - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – the remains of Apadana Palace in Shush, around Ahvaz, Iran

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Tomb of Daniel

Shush is one of the 6 world cities that claim to be the final resting place of Daniel, a prophet to Muslims and Christians, and a respected figure for Jews.  With a pine-cone shaped dome that’s so distinctly special, the Tomb of Daniel is one of the most outstanding icons of the city. Year in and year out, people of different beliefs and religions gather in this Ahvaz attraction to pay their respects to the biblical figure.

Tomb of Daniel - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

The yard of Tomb of Daniel in Susa, Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Ahvaz Iran

Things to Do in Ahvaz – Susa Castle

Susa Castle, one of Iran’s most famous castles, was built as an accommodation and a storehouse for the French archaeologists who came to excavate Susa in 1897. This beautiful castle, which rests on the remains of an Elamite structure, is standing on the highest point of Susa hills. What makes this Ahvaz attraction outstanding is that it showcases ancient bricks with cuneiform inscriptions and adobes from different historical periods on its structure.

Susa Castle - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

Things to Do in Ahvaz – Up view of Susa Castle, in Susa, around Ahvaz Iran

Things to Do in Ahvaz Iran – Haft Tepe

Haft Tepe, is a collection of 14 ancient hills to the southeast of Shush. Above all, the complex highlights an over 3000-year-old tomb of an ancient Persian king. Apart from its architectural value, what makes the tomb interesting is the existence of mass graves and precious artefacts. The UNESCO-sponsored museum nearby is well worth a visit.

Susa Museum – Ahvaz Tourist Attractions

As one of Iran’s richest and most important museums, Susa Museum is home to precious artefacts from archaeological sites in the region. The museum displays the 6 thousand years of civilization in Susa in 6 large halls. Above all, this Ahvaz attraction features a giant winged bull from Susa, a lion-hugging Hercules, and some clay death masks from Haft Tepe. Plus, you’ll find brick, stone and clay inscriptions from different historical periods and statues of ancient gods.

The White Bridge (Iran) – Things to Do in Ahvaz

Make sure to pay a visit to one of Ahvaz’s iconic symbols and Iran’s first suspension bridge: the White Bridge. This Ahvaz attraction is one of Middle East’s largest suspension bridges with a 500-meter length. Connecting the two sides of the beautiful Karun River, the White Bridge was built by a German couple. Visit at night when the floodlit bridge is at its best.

The White Bridge - Ahvaz Tourist Attractions | Ahvaz Travel Guide | Things to do in Ahvaz

The White Bridge and Karoun river, Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Iran

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Rangooniha Mosque of Abadan

Ranguniha Mosque of Abadan is a mosque like no other Iranian mosque. The rare architecture of this lovely place is a memento of the Burmese workers who used to work in Abadan. It was in 1920 when these Burmese people built the place for the Indian and Bangladeshi workers who worked in the oil refineries in southern Iran. Both the intricate reliefs of the façade and the green atmosphere of the inside please your eyes. Don’t forget to check out the intricate arabesque patterns of the Mihrab.

Things to Do in Ahvaz – Marashi House of Shushtar

One of the pieces of beauty left from Qajar era (1796-1925) is a traditional house in the middle of the waterfalls and watermills of Shushtar: Marashi House of Shushtar. Enjoying the architectural elements of 2 historical periods, this lovely house features different traditional sections as well as traditional brickwork. The architectural style of each section makes each one a pleasant place for a particular season. But above all, the location of this Ahvaz attraction blesses you with a view of Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System.

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Band-e Kaisar

Also make time to visit Band-e Kaisar (Caesar’s Dam), an ancient bridge and dam that connects the two parts of Shushtar. This ancient piece of engineering dates back to 3rd century AD. To build this dam, they carpeted the river bed with cut rocks and fastened them together with metal. The arched bridge features Roman architectural elements.

Ahvaz Tourist Attractions – Kul Farah Historical Site

To the northeast of Izeh (180 km to Ahvaz), you’ll find a beautiful valley known as Kul Farah. This precious valley hides a historical treasure in its heart: Kul Farah Historical Site. The 6 rock reliefs are almost 4700 years old. Around them, you can see signs of majestic ancient civilizations. As one of the richest reliefs in Iran, this collection is known as the outdoor museum of rock reliefs. Apart from the delicate human faces and animal figures you can see in the reliefs, you’ll also find scenes of religious rituals.

Have More Time? More About Ahvaz Tourist Attractions

Abdolhamid Bazaar of Ahvaz – Ahwaz Khuzestan Iran

Lose yourself in the heart of Ahvazi culture in the alleys of Abdolhamid Bazaar. The bazaar displays the history, identity, and culture of the people in Khuzestan Province. As the oldest bazaar in the city, this Ahvaz attraction is still vibrant with life and activity. For centuries, merchants from around Iran traveled to this place to find the rarest goods.

Things to Do in Ahvaz – Moein Al-Tojar Caravanserai

In the middle of the old region of Ahvaz, discover the charms of a Qajar era (1796-1925) caravanserai: Moein Al-Tojar Caravanserai. As one of the city’s top beauties, this Ahvaz attraction has had a major role in the livelihood of the city. If it weren’t for this caravanserai, the city might also have vanished.

Shadegan Ponds

Shadegan ponds is an international wetland 81 km to the south of Ahvaz. After passing the Venice of Iran, Sarakhiyeh Village, on a boat, you’ll reach the beautiful Shadegan Ponds. Enjoy a ride around the canebrakes and discover different kinds of birds. In the villages nearby, meet the warmest and friendliest people and buy fresh fish.

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