BEST Cities in Iran – Most Beautiful Places in Iran

The Most Beautiful Cities in Persia
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10 Feb

BEST Cities in Iran – Most Beautiful Places in Iran

What are the most beautiful cities in Iran? That is a question any tourist interested in visiting Iran might encounter. In simple answer all Iranian cities are beautiful. The fact that Iran is a 4-seasoned country has made different Iranian cities attractive to different tastes. Also, the attractions in different Iranian beautiful cities are diverse. There are historical, natural, and cultural attractions in the beautiful cities of Iran. In this blog, we are going to talk about the most popular beautiful cities in Iran and present a brief intro for each of them.

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Tehran City

Many Iranian cities are famous for their beauty all around the world. Tourists from different countries and nationalities visit them and enjoy their time among the hospitable Iranian people. Different cultural, natural, and historical attractions exist in such cities or around them, and such attractions are mostly easy to access. Here is a list of some of the most popular and beautiful cities in Iran:

Iranian Beautiful Cities, Shiraz

Shiraz, Iran’s cultural capital and a must-see on any visitor’s itinerary, should be at the top of your list if you’re planning a trip there soon. Shiraz, one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, is full of priceless magnets and is a highlight of the country’s traditional tourist route. Persepolis, Pasargadae, the Pink Mosque, Qavam House, Vakil Complex, Tomb of Hafez, Tomb of Saadi, Arg-e Karim Khan, Eram Garden, Shah Cheragh Shrine, and Ali ibn Hamzeh Shrine are must-see attractions of this beautiful Iranian city.

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Iranian Beautiful Cities, Shiraz

Beautiful Cities in Iran, Isfahan

Isfahan (Esfahan) is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Isfahan, the birthplace of Persia’s Islamic architecture, serves as a living cultural museum for Iran. This historic city is home to a variety of well-known attractions and is a key stop on Iran’s well-traveled tourist route. The most popular attractions in Isfahan are Naqsh-e Jahan Square attractions, Vank Cathedral, Chehel Sotun Palace, Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, Monar Jonban, Si-o-se-Pol, and Abyaneh Village. Isfahan is also one of the most important centers of Persian music, and the Isfahan Music Museum is fantastic to visit, especially for music lovers.

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Beautiful Cities in Iran – Isfahan

Beautiful Cities of Iran, Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and one of the most beautiful Iranian cities. Iran’s heartbeat undoubtedly beats in Tehran, the city of galleries, museums, and cafés. This contemporary metropolis is a must-see because it is one of the major stops on Iran’s classic tourist route. Golestan Palace, the National Museum of Iran, the Glassware Museum, the Carpet Museum, Milad Tower, Azadi (liberty) Tower, and Pol-e Tabiaat (the Nature Bridge) are Tehran’s must-see attractions.

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Beautiful Cities of Iran – Tehran

Beautiful Cities in Iran, Yazd

A key stop on Iran’s traditional tourist route is the Historic City of Yazd (UNESCO World Heritage), a city known for its picturesque wind towers and earthen architecture. This must-visit city embraces Zoroastrian elements like fire temples in addition to showcasing desert architecture and traditional neighborhoods. The most popular attractions in Yazd are Dolat Abad Garden, Fire Temple of Yazd, Towers of Silence, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh, Yazd Jameh Mosque, Narin Castle, and Meybod City attractions near Yazd.

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Beautiful Cities in Iran – Yazd Historical sites

Iranian Beautiful Cities, Kashan

Kashan is one the most popular Iranian beautiful cities. The focal point of Iran’s traditional tourist route, Kashan, is known for its exquisite historical buildings and the best rosewater in the world, but it has much more to offer. Some of the most brilliant Iranian traditional houses are in this city. The must-see attractions of Kashan are Tabatabaei House, Borujerdi House, Abbasi House, Fin Garden, and Neyaser attractions near Kashan.

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Kashan Attractions

Beautiful Cities of Iran, Tabriz

Tabriz is one of the most popular historically beautiful cities in Iran. Tabriz is now Iran’s green, spotless, and chilly jewel; it was once a key Silk Road hub. This city is well-known among tourists for its priceless carpets, historical landmarks, and natural wonders. The Blue Mosque, The Grand Bazaar, Kandovan Village, Azerbaijan Museum, El Goli Park, Arg of Tabriz, and Behnam House of Tabriz are the must-see attractions of this city.

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Beautiful Cities of Iran – Tabriz

Beautiful Cities in Iran, Kermanshah

Kermanshah is my favorite. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. The distinctive characteristics of this region of western Iran have made it dear to the hearts of many people. Kermanshah is the land of great mountains, friendly Kurds, Persian myths, and delicious sweets. Bisotun (Behistun Historical Site), one of the most popular historical attractions in Iran, is located near Kermanshah. Taq-e Bostan, Anahita Temple, Uraman Takht, Tekiah Moaven ol-Molk, and Biglar Beigi Tekieh are some of Kermanshah’s must-see attractions.

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Kermanshah Attractions

Beautiful Places in Iran, Kerman

Kerman is one of the most popular cities in Iran. It is located in Kerman Province and it is close to many natural attractions such as desserts. The province of Kerman is a place of startling contrasts, natural marvels, and ancient civilizations. In and around Kerman, these stunning creatures can be found all over. Ganjali Khan Complex, Shazdeh Garden, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Meymand Village, and desert attractions near Kerman are the most popular must-sees of this city.

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Most Beautiful Cities in Iran – Kerman

Best Cities in Iran, Ahvaz

Ahvaz, one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, is located in Khuzestan Province.  Several natural and cultural landmarks can be found in and around Khuzestan Province’s capital city of Ahvaz, the hot land of soaring trees and gushing rivers. The must-see attractions of Khuzestan Province and Ahvaz City are Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System, Apadana Palace, the Tomb of Daniel the prophet, Susa Castle, and the White Bridge of Ahvaz.

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Beautiful Iranian Cities – Ahvaz

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of tours can I take in Yazd?

The best tours you can take in Yazd with IranOnTour are Cooking Classes with Zoroastrians, Zoroastrian Ceremonies Tours, Discovering Zoroastrianism, Yazd Food and Architecture Walking Tours, Persian Night Gathering in Yazd, Zourkhaneh Experience in Yazd, Muharram Mourning, and Ashura Day in Yazd city.

  • Is it safe to travel to Shiraz?

Shiraz city is famous for its people’s hospitality. Also, as one of the tourist centers of Iran, Shiraz is considered to be one of the safest and most attractive cities in Iran for tourists.

  • Is it safe to travel to Tehran?

Tehrani people have a rich culture. Tehran is considered to be a safe city in terms of people. These days according to possible protests, it is important to avoid the possible protesting areas of the city.

  • How dangerous/safe is it to visit Iran outside of Tehran now?

Iran is a safe country. Whether you are about to visit a crowded city or a small village you don’t need to worry about the safety of your trip.

  • Is Tehran safe for tourists?

There is a vibrant culture among the Tehrani people. Regarding its citizens, Tehran is referred to as a safe city.

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