EL Goli Park (Shahgoli Park) | Tabriz, Iran

A Peninsula in the Midst of the City
El Goli park product - EL Goli Park (Shahgoli Park) | Tabriz, Iran
25 Feb

EL Goli Park (Shahgoli Park) | Tabriz, Iran

Among tourist attractions of Tabriz is EL Goli Park (also known as Shahgoli Park). El Goli is not only a park, but a temperate relaxing spot with thrilling recreational services in Tabriz. This park dates back to the fifteenth century. In the past, people called the park Shah Goli, meaning the king’s lake or pond. Following the Islamic Revolution, its name changed to El Goli, which means people’s pond or lake. Are you convinced? So, keep on reading!

Why Visit El Goli – Shahgoli Park?

  • El Goli is one of the most appealing and popular resorts in Tabriz.
  • A marvelous two-story historical building stands in the middle of a lake.
  • Its large pond as well as natural attractions make it a magnet for visitors.
استخر از بالا - EL Goli Park (Shahgoli Park) | Tabriz, Iran

An aerial view of El Goli – Shahgoli Park

The Story of El Goli – Shahgoli Park

The name Shah Goli represents a large majestic pond. In particular, the word Gol in the Turkish language means pond or lake. Firstly, the initial construction of the pond began in the fifteenth century by Aq Quyunlu kings. Later, in the sixteenth century, the Safavids undertook new developments in the park. Prior to the Safavid Empire, El Goli was limited to the pond, which functioned as the source of irrigation for the neighboring gardens. Then, they organized the area by collecting the sand surrounding the lake.

In the past, it was common practice to construct a building which served as the residence of the royal family in royal gardens. Moreover, they enhanced the beauty of the garden by constructing a pond in front of the building. Indeed, this architectural style has its roots in the Persian (Iranian) garden style, dating back to ancient Persia. Later, Qahraman Mirza, a Qajar (1789-1925) prince, restored the pond. Most notably, he ordered to construct a marvelous two-story building in the midst of the garden. However, he never managed to complete the decoration of the building. After his death, his successors regarded this incident as a bad omen and abandoned the garden. Consequently, the Pahlavi dynasty (1925–1979), gave the park over to the municipality of Tabriz for public use.

How El Goli Park Looks

The refreshing nature of El Goli caresses the soul of any visitor. Inside the resort you can find variety of amenities and services. Walk along the main axis until you reach a cobbled street with street-side gardens, which expands into the lake until it reaches the octagonal El Goli pavilion. Today, the two-story El Goli pavilion, also known as El Goli palace, with its unique position on the lake, serves as a reception hall. Furthermore, to the south of the lake, you can behold a hill covered with artificial waterfalls and forests.

El goli park  - EL Goli Park (Shahgoli Park) | Tabriz, Iran

The cobbled street leading to the pavilion – El Goli Tabriz – Shahgoli

El Goli Resort Facilities

In addition to the natural and historical attractions, El Goli embraces several facilities. These amenities include restaurants, web kiosks, a zoo, a roller coaster, and other amusement rides. Moreover you can enjoy a bike ride in the area if you are a bike enthusiast. In addition, EL Goli exhibits an indoor skate park for skate enthusiasts. Table footballs and billiard halls are also available to use. El Goli is also surrounded with forest hills, which create a stunning landscape.

در استخر ائل گلی - EL Goli Park (Shahgoli Park) | Tabriz, Iran

Boat Rentals in El Goli Park

More about El Goli Park – Shahgoli of Tabriz

When to Visit El Goli

You can visit the park every day, 24 hours a day. However, I suggest that you visit the park during the day to benefit from the resort facilities.

El Goli – Shahgoli Park Nearby Attractions

Do you wish to see more in Tabriz? Then, get a short ride to the city center. If you are a historical and archeological admirer, you should undoubtedly visit Azerbaijan Museum, the historical Salmasi House (The Measure Museum of Tabriz), and the Blue Mosque. Mausoleum of the Poets (or Maqbarat-o-shoara) exhibits an integration of literature and architecture. As you visit tombs of 400 Iranian poets and literati, enjoy the splendid architecture of the mausoleum, too.

Nearby Restaurants

El Goli Restaurant

Baliq Restaurant

ShahGoli Park on Map

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