Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

A Refreshing Atmosphere in a Dry Region
Fin garden feature image - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran
18 Oct

Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Kashan’s Fin garden is one of the most beautiful and famous Iranian gardens. This garden is like a brilliant and amazing jewel in a hot and dry city like Kashan. It has tall and magnificent cedars and streams with small fountains. The presence of water and trees, which are dynamic elements, along with buildings, which are elements of architecture, have created a lively identity for the garden. Fin Garden is one of the most important examples of Persian Gardens. It is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Like to know more about this magnificent work? Follow me then!

Fin garden 2 2 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Pavilion and Pool in Fin Garden Kashan

Why Visit Fin Garden?

  • Fin Garden is an example of Persian Gardens listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
  • It is one of the most important and famous attractions in Kashan.
  • This garden was the place of assassination of Amir Kabir, the famous Chancellor of Qajar era, an important event in Iranian history.
  • In this garden, you can also visit National Museum of Kashan, which has important and interesting items.
  • The presence of a teahouse in the pleasant atmosphere of the garden allows you to create pleasant hours for yourself in addition to enjoying the historical atmosphere.

History of Fin Garden Kashan

From a long time ago, rulers and kings have paid lots of attention to the Fin Garden region. That’s because of the water spring that flows through it. The formation of the garden dates back to the Safavid era. The entrance, the hashti (entrance hall), the Safavid pavilion, and the Safavid bath (the small bath) were built in that era. Later, during the Zandi era, the Karimkhani nook was built. And Qajar kings added parts such as the Fath Ali Shah pavilion, the Qajar bath (the large bath), the alcove hall, and the wind catcher hall (the current library) to the garden. At the current time, places such as the National Museum of Kashan were added to the Fin Garden complex. It is interesting to know that maintaining symmetry was very important. But gradually, the intervention of kings reduced this symmetry.

Fin garden 8 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Fin Garden Entrance

How Kashan Fin Garden Looks

By entering this complex, we see a tall building at the entrance with two floors. Passing through the entrance and entering the garden, you will see a beautiful street with a stream in the middle of it. The stream has turquoise fountains, and beautiful cypress trees are on both sides of the stream. At the end of this beautiful path, the first building that attracts attention is the Safavid pavilion. This pavilion is in the center of the garden and other buildings are on the other sides of the garden.

Fin garden 9 1 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Pavilion in Kashan Fin Garden

The Safavid Pavilion

The pavilion is actually a small palace in the center of the Persian Garden. The Safavid pavilion is a square pavilion and it opens on all four sides of the garden. There is a beautiful pool in the middle of it. Another feature of this building is the presence of water on both sides of this pavilion.

The pool of twelve fountains on one side and the large pool on the other side of the pavilion is the main basis of water manifestation. The fountains of the large pool that spout beautifully on all four sides of the pool increase the beauty of this building. The lower part of the walls in the building is made of marble which was decorated with beautiful paintings in the past. You can still see wonderful paintings on the walls. Due to the very high quality of the pavilion, it seems it has been used for entertainment, holding parties, and receiving the public.

Fin garden 7 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Paintings in Fin Garden

The Qajar Pavilion – Kashan Fin Garden

This building is in the south of the garden and includes a Shotor Galoo (a traditional Iranian water transport structure), a platform, and two backyards in the east and west. The floor of the platform is entirely made of marble and the roof is painted in an interesting way; you can still see some parts of it. The main structure of this building is four arches and a platform. The alcove of the pavilion has a pool house from which water flows from three sides. This water leads to the garden through a tiled water channel and fountains. This pool and the amazing architecture that you see above and around it, are unique examples of Persian architecture.

Fin garden 5 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Ceiling in Fin Garden Kashan

Fin Garden’s Bath

In Fin Garden, there are two baths, the small bath, and the large bath. Each of these baths has several khazine (a pool in the bath with hot or cold water). In each of the baths, there are parts including the entrance, the garmkhane (a hot place), the fountain, khazine, a cleaning place, and a dressing room. The walls of the baths are covered with special moisture insulators, sand, lime, or mortar.

The remarkable point about the small bath is the existence of seven 500-year-old tiles in khazine. This bath was built for the use of servants. Therefore, in terms of architecture, it doesn’t have a prominent feature. And the reason for its fame is the historical event that took place there. The assassination of Amir Kabir (a Chancellor in the Qajar era) took place in this bath. This event has historical value and credibility in this regard.

Since the large bath was built for the use of the commanders and court elders, it is architecturally important. Its marble pillars and painted ceilings are spectacular. The large bath has two sarbine (a place where people put on or take off their clothes). The first sarbine, which is closer to the entrance, has a platform at the end and a heater in the wall. In this sarbine, the presence of skylights that are decorated with lattice tiles has created a pleasant view. It seems that at the time of leaving the bath, they first used the second sarbineh to wash their feet in its pool and then they used the first sarbineh to dry up their body.

Fin garden 9 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Pools in Fin Garden

Cheshme Joosh (Springing Water) – Fin Garden Iran

On the south side of Fin Garden, in front of the alcove, there is a large Cheshme Joosh with golden dimensions. It has special tiles (with gold glaze), 160 holes, 80 fountain holes, and 80 water suction holes. In this way, the inflow and outflow of water are equal and the pool never overflows. Due to the special design and tiles used in the pool, the Cheshme Joosh has been one of the garden’s masterpieces. The calculations performed on the pipes under the pool and their diameter are so complicated. No one has been able to figure them out so far.

Fin garden 4 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Pools in Fin Garden – Kashan Fin Garden photos

National Museum of Kashan

The National Museum of Kashan is the name of a museum that is on the west side of Fin Garden. One of the obvious features of the museum is that it can be considered one of the oldest museums in the country. This building was specially built for a museum. The people of Kashan had a significant role in collecting museum objects. The building has a square plan with two floors- the ground floor and the basement.

The museum has three parts: archeology, anthropology, and handicrafts. More than 400 pieces, including pottery, belonging to pre-Islamic and post-Islamic periods, bronze and ceramic objects, clothing, and calligraphy are on display in this museum. Their antiquity is from the seventh millennium BC to the current. The objects of the archeological section have also been obtained from the excavations in Sialk Hill, Chogha Znabil (UNESCO), Hasanlu Hill, Khorvin Hill and etc.

Fin garden 10 - Fin Garden (Bagh-e Fin): A Historical Persian Garden in Kashan, Iran

Fin Garden Walls

More about Fin Garden (Bagh e Fin)

Visit Hours

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visit Days

Every day except some of public holidays

Nearby Attractions

There are many attractions in Kashan that you may want to visit. But here are some of wonderful attractions which are near Fin Garden: Sialk Hill, the first civilization of Iran with more than eight thousand years old. Tabatabai House, a historical house with stunning architecture and amazing beauty. Borujerdi House , another historical house that was selected as a popular attraction by UNESCO in 2015 and 2016.

Where to Eat Near Fin Garden

Toranj Restaurant

Baghe Behesht Restaurant

Fin Garden Restaurant

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