Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village

The Atlantis of the Kurdish World
Hajij p2 - Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village
10 May

Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village

Hawraman, a piece of heaven in the Kurdish side of Iran, features a gallery of villages that treat you to a unique culture and adorable beauties. One of the must-see villages in the beautiful Hawraman Region, Kermanshah Province, is Hajij Village (Hajij-e Bozorg). With terraced architecture, scenic landscapes, lovely handicrafts and hospitable people, this adorable village is packed with touristic magnets. At the end of a winding road that blesses you with views of mountains, oak trees, and a lovely lake, Hajij village will be waiting for you. Like to find out more? Stay with me…

Hajij 1 - Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village
The beautiful nature of Hajij photo

Why Visit Hajij Village?

  • Hajij is one of Iran’s charismatic terraced villages with houses made of stone
  • It is located in the beautiful Hawraman Region (a mountainous region in western Iran)
  • A visit to its Bel Spring and Sirvan River will brighten your day up
  • You can enjoy a boating experience on Sirvan River
Hajij 2 - Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village
The terraced architecture of Hajij before being flooded photo

The Story of the Name ‘Hajij’

The reason for naming this place Hajij is its geographical location. Hajij means a deep and green valley in Kurdish. And because this village is located in such a place, they’ve picked the name Hajij for it.

The Atlantis of the Kurdish World – Hajij Village

Once upon a time, there was a Hajij village that was more charming than the present Hajij. But when they established Daryan Dam, the major part of the village went under water and was lost forever. Later, the villagers started building new houses right beside their original village.

Hajij 5 - Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village
Sirvan River photo

The Special Architecture of Hajij Village

The first thing that catches your eyes in Hajij Village is its special architecture. With semi-circular streets and rows of buildings that face a deep valley and a beautiful river, this village is a real spectacle. The terraced architecture of this village makes it look like Masuleh, a well-known village in northern Iran. In Hajij, the houses are mostly in 2 floors and they are made of stone and wood. The roof of the lower houses acts as a passage way for passers-by and a yard for the upper houses. This close tie between houses has led to a rare intimacy among the villagers.

Since Hajij village is in a cold region, the houses face southward to make the most out of sunlight. The extreme cold of winter is a good reason for building houses with thick walls and small windows. Also, wooden beams cover the flat roofs of the houses and to insulate the roof, thatch fills the empty space between the beams. In the past, they used to carve uneven stones like bricks and put them together with the simple mortar they made with soil. The architects also put wooden beams between the gaps in the rocks on the walls. These beams both absorbed the moisture in the air and prevented the collapse of the building during earthquakes.

Hajij 4 - Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village
A view of Hajij village photo

The Independent People of Hajij Iran

The people of Hajij are undoubtedly part of the reason why this village is so adorable. In them, it is their independence in providing their daily necessities that shines through. With effort, taste, and artistry that runs deep in their culture, they have preserved their competence and have stayed the main producers of their own food and clothes. Giveh making (a kind of traditional handmade shoe in Kurdish regions) and weaving traditional wool clothes are of the common arts in Hajij Village.

Hajij 6.jg  - Hajij Village | Paveh, Kermanshah, Iran | Kurdish Village
Giveh of Hajij photo

The Unique Taste of Hajij Village Local Food

Into trying different kinds of food and discovering the taste of local dishes? Then Hajij is the place to be! The variety of delicious Kurdish dishes you’ll find in the village will make you want to stay forever.

Hajij-e Bozorg – The Nearby Attractions

Near Hajij Village, you can find other must-see attractions. Among them, Shaho Mountain, part of Zagros Mountains, features pristine plains and lovely charms.  Two kilometers from Hajij, you can find Bel Spring, a spring with mineral and healing powers that flows out of the mountain like a waterfall and streams into Sirvan River. Plus, Sirvan River and Daryan Dam together create a stunning complex that not only pleases your eyes with its beauty, but also provide a chance for adventures like boat riding.

More About Hajij Village

Visit Hours

24 hours

Visit Days

Every Day

When to Visit

Hajij Village has a moderate weather in the hotter seasons of the year. But the extremely cold weather of winter in the region makes a winter visit unsuitable.

Where to Eat in Hajij

Hajij Restaurant

Guest houses

Like to Visit Hajij Village?

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Hajij Village Yorumları (Hajij-e Bozorg) on Map

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