Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

Life In A Rocky Hive
Kandouvan product - Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village
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Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

Let’s take in a lovely rocky village, located approximately 55 km south of Tabriz. The over eight-hundred-year-old Kandovan Village is one of the three astounding rocky villages in the world. Believe it or not, the architecture of the village and current flow of life in it, makes this place unique in the world. The two other rocky villages in America and Turkey are abandoned. On the contrary, one hundred conical and pyramidal houses of the rocky Kandovan village are still inhabited, which is very exceptional. The story goes that the volcanic remains from a Mount Sahand eruption hundreds of years ago formed the village partially. Then, the villagers carved the rocks in a form that amazingly offers scenic beauty for its travelers. So, you should not miss visiting this splendid, rare attraction.

خانه های مخروطی - Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

Tabriz Kandovan Village Conical Houses

Why Visit Kandovan Village

  • The eight-hundred-year-old Kandovan village is one of the three rocky villages in the world.
  • Kandovan village is the only inhabited rocky village in the world.
  • It exhibits an exceptional rock-cut architecture and life style.
  • Residents of the village live in conical houses.
  • Kandovan village, with its outstanding architecture, showcases collective life in the past.
روستا در شب - Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

Tabriz Kandovan Village Night View

The Story Behind Kandovan Village

According to the residents of Kandovan village, they used to live in a nearby village. Later, they moved to Kandovan to protect themselves against the Mongol attack in the 13th century. They carved the conical rocks and gradually built houses out of rocks. Thus, they could protect themselves from dangers including the enemies and extreme weather. Let’s get a grasp of how these stunning rocky structures appeared.

Tabriz Kandovan Village – A Marvelous Village Made of Lava

Sahand Mountain, one of the five most well-known volcanoes in Iran, is located in the south of Tabriz. The volcanic activities of Sahahnd Mountain created such a scenic landscape in one of Iran’s temperate regions. Over the course of thousands of years, weathering and erosion caused by rain, wind, and snow created the well-known Kandovan rock formation of the region. Once the rocky cones and pyramids formed, the villagers carved them and built wonderful houses for themselves, which looked like beehives. That is how the village got its name.

What to Expect in Kandovan Village

Kandovan is a village carved into the cliff, and the only construction material of the village is stone. There, you will behold cone-shaped houses, which intensify the beauty of the village. Several stables, storages, and rooms have been cut into the rock. Some of the houses are 40 meters high, and their walls are 2 to 3 meters thick. Interestingly, utilities (water, gas, electricity) are available in houses of Kandovan village. The passageways are grooves resulted from the surface runoffs. Kandovan exhibits one-to-four-story houses with poor lighting. You can also observe various markets, handicrafts, historical monuments, as well as herb fairs.

چوبی بین خانه ها - Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

Tabriz Kandovan Village – Wooden Passage Linking Houses

Iran Kandovan – Caves With Various Functions

Buildings in Kandovan village including the mosque, the school, stables, and storerooms are indeed astonishing caves cut into the rocks. The ground floors chiefly serve as stables, while the villagers live on the upper floors. Rock-carved steps provide access to the upper floors. The fourth floor, occasionally, functions as the storeroom. In addition to the rooms and the kitchen, among the major house elements are closets and fireplaces. Due to the thickness of the cone-shaped rock formations, locals had to install skylights in the upper floors. Several families shared a drain, which they had built near the passageways outside of the residential areas. Moreover, Tabriz Kandovan village features a public bath and a mosque, which contribute to the historical value of the village. Above all, mosque is among the largest cone-shaped structures in the village.

های صخره ای چند طبقه 1 - Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

A Multi-story House in Tabriz Kandovan Village – Kandovan Iran

Kandovan Village Professions and Products

The main occupations of Kandovan residents are agriculture, livestock, and gardening. They make a living by selling their products and handicrafts. Among their agricultural products are wheat, barley and chickpeas. The gardening products included walnuts, apricots and apples, the crops that grow well in mountainous areas.

Honey is one of the main souvenirs of Kandovan rock village. Other souvenirs of Kandovan village include walnuts, almonds, grape juice (doshab) and medicinal herbs. The dried fruits of Kandovan village are also very tasty. In Kandovan, you can particularly enjoy a variety of fresh dairy products for the breakfast, or other meals. You can also enjoy delicious local dishes such as Dizi, Tabrizi meatballs, and Kebab.

Kandovan Village Handicrafts

In Kandovan you can find various popular handicrafts including carpets, rugs, and Kalaghe scarves (a large cotton or wool scarf).

صنایع دستی - Kandovan Village | Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran | Rocky Village

Handicraft Exhibition in Kandovan Village

More about Kandovan Village Iran

When to Visit Kandovan

Kandovan is famous for its cold climate. So, summer is the best time to travel to Kandovan.

Attractions Near Kandovan Village

Mineral springs abound in and around Kandovan village. People use the water of mineral springs for treating diseases such as kidney stones. In addition, a cistern is built over the spring. Also, at the bottom of Kandovan valley lies a resort, which is open to the visitors all year round.

The Rocky Restaurant of Laleh Kandovan Hotel

Kandovan Melal Restaurant

Javani Traditional Restaurant

Rocky Kandovan Village Tours

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Tabriz Kandovan Village on Map

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