Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

The Lost Emerald of the Desert
Pahlavanpour Garden p2 - Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran
13 Feb

Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

Where would be your choice to take refuge in when the heat is upon you? How about a refreshing garden? Pahlavanpur Garden in Mehriz (in Yazd city), inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list, is also an excellent refuge in the hot summer. Come explore Pahlavanpour Garden, a charming mirage in the middle of the deserts of Meybod. This Iranian garden showcases natural and architectural brilliance combined with history. Particularly, the refreshing stream flowing inside the garden made this garden a popular spot in the past. The integrated design of Pahlavanpoor garden exhibits architectural styles from diverse eras. Indeed, Zand dynasty (1751-1794) initially founded the garden. Later, Qajar (1796-1925) and Pahlavi (1925-1941) kings restored the garden and added more structures to it. Let’s delve into it.

Why Visit Pahlavanpur Garden?

  • Pahlavanpur Garden is one of Iranian gardens inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list.
  • The garden exhibits a collection of evolutionary Persian architecture.
  • Amazing combination of the adobe structures with old massive trees put this garden on the list of the best tourist attractions in Yazd.
  • Pahlavanpour is the only Iranian garden, in which water stream runs below the pavilion.
  • This amazing garden currently serves as a hotel and you can enjoy the experience of a unique overnight stay there.

The Origins of the Name Pahlavanpour

Pahlavanpour Garden belonged to an individual called Hassan Molla Reza. Later, his son-in-law, Ali Pahlavanpour, a merchant from Yazd, living in Qajar time, took over.  Although the garden was built before his time, during Zand dynasty, the garden was named after Mr. Pahlavanpour.

How Pahlavanpur Garden Looks

As you step in the garden, the first thing that caresses your soul is the pleasing sound of the gentle stream running in the garden. Streams flow among old plane trees, creating a green area in the heart of an arid region. In fact, a Qanat (Persian ancient water system) called Hassan Abad Qanat directly supplies water to Pahlavanpur Garden, ignoring the neighboring gardens. Pahlavanpur Garden possesses 16 haghabes (water shares) every 12 days for 10 minutes. In addition to the plane trees that have grown on both sides of the main stream, various fruit trees including pomegranate, almond, and persimmon also exist in the garden. These trees are proofs that this region, despite the arid climate of Yazd, enjoys a temperate climate.

At the entrance of Pahlavanpur garden, you will pass by structures such as a tower, stable, and hay storage building. Then, behold the most charming building in the garden, that is, the pavilion, also known as Sharbatkhane (pantry) in the center of the garden. The stream originating from Hasan Abad Qanant runs below this pavilion. This is a unique phenomenon in the Persian garden architecture. Another featured construction in Pahlavanpour Garden is Zemestankhaneh, literally meaning the winter house. As the name suggests, Zemestankhaneh was designed so that it could absorb as much sun light as possible to keep the required heat for winter. Indeed, Pahlavanpour Garden is a four-season building. That is to say, the designers and builders had employed their genius to bring about comfort to the inhabitants of the garden.

pahlavanpour garden 1 - Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

Pahlavanpur Garden Photos

The Architecture of Pahlavanpur Garden

Pahlavanpur Garden integrates architectural styles from several historical periods of Iran and exhibits the architectural style changes that the garden has undergone over time. The garden is 3.5 hectares and the majority of constructions were built in the southeast side of the garden. Zemestankhane and Sharbatkhane (pavilion) stand in the central part. However, service spaces (including stable, storage room, and caretaker’s residence) as well as spinning and carpet weaving workshops are located in the south side.

Pahlavanpour Garden displays a unique architectural style. It features a central yard and a pavilion. The pavilion stands in the middle of the garden. A refreshing stream also flows under the pavilion. Moreover, pretty rows of trees have grown around the pavilion. This scene will charm you. So, let’s explore in depth the architectural structures of the garden.

pavillion pahlavanpour garden - Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

Pavilion in Pahlavanpur Garden

Shah Nematollah Vali Central Pavillion (Kushk)

The most fascinating structure of the garden is Kushk or Sharbatkhane. Step inside the building to admire the subtle framings adorning the interior of the 2.5 story pavilion. Besides the hall, you will also observe the Hozkhane (a porch in the summer buildings) with a wind tower over it. These two architectural elements functioned as a cooling system in the hot days of summer and made here a pleasant place to rest in.

kushk Pahlavanpour Garden - Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

Kushk and Hozkhane in Pahlavanpur Garden

To the West: Zemestankhane

The second main building in the garden is Zemestankhane, literally meaning the winter house. As the name suggest this one story building functioned as a convenient place during winters.

Mud Tower in the South East

At the entrance of the garden you will notice a mud tower. There is a fun fact about this building. Although it features decorations from Zand era, it was actually erected during Qajar dynasty.

mudtower pahlavanpour garden - Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

Mud Tower in Pahlavanpur Garden

Pahlavanpur Garden – South Side

Head south! There you will face a multitude of buildings with a variety of functions. Spinning and carpet weaving workshops, stable, and the store room all have gathered in the south of the garden. In fact, the south side was the service area of the servants. Their residence area was on the north side, though.

Anthropology Museum

Before the anthropology museum moved to Pahlavanpour Garden, it was located in the historical Hamam of Mehriz called Stahrij. This Museum has put four hundred items on display, which include tools employed for local jobs, utensils, historical inscriptions, local costumes, as well as items representing the local culture.

Traditional Pahlavanpur Garden Hotel

What can make your day better than an overnight stay in a lovely traditional garden? Today, Pahlavanpur garden also serves as a hotel with several traditional suits. This is going to be a unique experience to spend a night or more in a two-hundred-year-old Persian Garden. I strongly recommend it.

hotel in Pahlavanpour Garden - Pahlavanpur Garden | Mehriz, Yazd, Iran

traditional hotel in Pahlavanpur Garden

More about Pahlavanpur Garden

When to Visit Pahlavanpour Garden

The best time to visit this glamorous garden is spring and early summer.

Visit Hours

From 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Nearby Attractions

If you are planning to visit Pahlavanpour Garden, you might also consider the nearby attractions. Zeinodin caravanserai is the most fascinating round caravanserai in Iran, where you can have a spectacular overnight experience under the desert sky. Another option would be Sar Yazd Castle, a well preserved glorious historical castle in the region. If you are looking for a natural attraction, Mongabad Cypress, a 2000-year-old tree, which is fifteen meter tall, might be your choice.

Nearby Restaurants

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