Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)

The Hidden Jewel of Kurdistan
Palangan village p - Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)
19 Jul

Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)

One of the adorable treasures hidden in the middle of Kurdistan’s grand mountains is Palangan Village (129 km to Sanandaj). With its attractive terraced architecture, beautiful nature, and sweet people, Palangan has won itself the title ‘the Lost Paradise of Kurdistan’. Join me on this blog for a pleasant exploration around all the charms this Kurdish village has to offer.

Palangan 1 - Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)

Palangan Village photo

Why Visit Palangan Village?

  • It is one of Iran’s most beautiful terraced villages
  • It gives you a chance to discover Kurdish culture
  • The peace of Palangan is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life
  • The village is host to one of the most special and attractive Nowruz (Persian new year) festivals
  • The flowing river that divides the village in two blesses you with a scenic view
  • Delicious dishes, especially its super delicious grilled fish, expect you in Palangan

The Story of Palangan Iran

Historical evidences show the antique origin of Palangan. The ancient graves and old castles found around the village date back to two different periods. Some are as old as 3000 years old and some date back to the 10th century AD. About the name ‘Palangan’, there are 2 theories. Some believe the word comes from the Persian word “palangan”, meaning ‘leopards’, to indicate it was the habitat of leopards. Others believe it comes from the Kurdish word ‘Paalangan’, meaning ‘a place to lean against’.

Palangan 2 - Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)

Palangan Village Attractions – Beautiful Nature of Palangan Iran

The Nice Architecture of Palangan Village

Palangan is set in the middle of a valley that embraces a lovely river. On both sides of the river, the houses of the village are attractively sitting on mountain slopes. This has given the village a beautiful terraced plan that makes the roof of one house the yard of another. This harmony with nature is even evident in the construction materials. The locals have carved a piece of the mountain and filled the spots with houses made of stones. They haven’t used any mortar for holding the stones together.

Palangan 3 - Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)

The terraced plan of Palangan Iran photo – Kurdish Village

A Sweet Cultural Exploration in Palangan – Kurdish Village

Except for beauties that charm your eyes, the village also treats you to another kind of charm: the people of Palangan. These adorable Kurds are amazing hosts and are still loyal to their traditional customs, clothes and culture. Gathering together around a fire on the heights of the village, they play their local music and dance together. Of the occasions they specially celebrate and you shouldn’t miss are Nowruz (Persian New Year) festival and wedding ceremonies. Plus, if you are a foodie, don’t miss the grilled fish the locals cook.

Palangan 4 - Palangan Village | Kurdish Village (Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran)

Life in both sides of the river photo – Palangan Village

Palangan Village – Palangan Castle

On top of the mountain near the village, you can see the remains of a castle that takes you back into history. The origin of Palangan castle is unknown, but historical documents indicate that it went into ruins in the 17th century. Apparently, Shah Safi (a Safavid king) ordered the destruction of the castle. Today, you can still see the remains of a fire temple, chambers and bridges in the castle.

More about Palangan Village

Visit Hours

24 hours

Visit Days

every day

Best Season to Visit

Spring and summer are the best seasons to see Palangan and its beautiful nature. But Palangan features special beauties even in winter. If you don’t mind the cold and snow, a visit in fall and winter could also be a memorable experience.

The Nearby Attractions

There are other attractions near Palangan. You can refresh yourself by taking a pleasant walk in the tulip fields near the village, or relieving your body in the nearby sulfur spring. But if you are into culture, pay a visit to Akasheh Shrine, where one of Prophet Muhammad’s friend’s is buried. Also, Oraman Inscription, a relief and a cuneiform inscription that date back to Assyrian Empire (1906 to 609 BC), is an attraction you can check out on top of Zinaneh Mountain.

Where to Eat Nearby

Fathi Restaurant

Palangan Village on Map

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