Sarvestan Palace | Shiraz, Fars, Iran | The Sarvestan Sassanid Palace

A Palace, A Hunting Resort
Sarvestan Palace p2 - Sarvestan Palace | Shiraz, Fars, Iran | The Sarvestan Sassanid Palace
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Sarvestan Palace | Shiraz, Fars, Iran | The Sarvestan Sassanid Palace

Interested in the architecture of Neo-Persian Empire? Then, I suggest you visit the Sassanid (224-651 AD) relic of Sarvestan Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage Site exhibits glamorous architecture. The palace is constructed in an area of about thirty hectares in Sarvestan (approximately 84 km from Shiraz). The ingenious architecture of the palace is reminiscent of the marvelous architecture of the Sassanid Empire.

Sarvestan palace at night - Sarvestan Palace | Shiraz, Fars, Iran | The Sarvestan Sassanid Palace

Iranian Sassanid Palace in Sarvestan – Sarvestan Palace at Night

Why Visit Sarvestan Palace?

  • The Sarvestan Sassanid palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • It is one of the glorious palaces from the Sassanid era.
  • This Sassanid palace showcases an intricate architecture.
  • The palace in fact resembles the pre-Islamic fire temples.

The Controversial Nature of Sarvestan Sassanid Palace

The famous minister of Bahram V, also called Bahram Gur, a Sassanid king (420 – 438 AD) constructed Sarvestan Palace. They used the palace as a hunting resort. However, the main function of the palace is uncertain. Some archeologists assume that this building used to function as a fire temple. Indeed, they argue that the building was not large enough to serve as a royal palace. On the other hand, some others believe that the area of the building is too big for a temple. Thus, it should have been a royal resort or hunting ground. Yet others believe that this structure used to be a spot for Sassanid religious rituals.

whole view - Sarvestan Palace | Shiraz, Fars, Iran | The Sarvestan Sassanid Palace

Sarvestan Palace – An aerial View of the Sassanid Palace in Sarvestan

How Sarvestan Palace Looks

The gorgeous chartaqi (a structure consisting of four vaults and a dome) architecture of Sarvestan Palace resembles the pre-Islamic fire temples in Iran. If you have visited palace of Ardeshir in Firuzabad, you will notice how similar these structures look.  However, Sarvestan Palace is smaller in size and features brick domes. Particularly, stone and plaster are the main building components of the palace. Moreover, the palace features Iwans (a rectangular space, walled on three sides), chambers, and corridors.

Once in the palace, you will find yourself in a square building measuring 18 meters tall, and 13 meters long. Beside a central hall, you will observe two smaller Iwans on the northern and eastern sides. In the middle of the enormous main hall look above and you will behold a tall dome and remaining of stuccowork over your head. Following your visit to the northern Iwan, a flight of stairs will lead you outside the palace.

main and southern view of the palace - Sarvestan Palace | Shiraz, Fars, Iran | The Sarvestan Sassanid Palace
Main Entrance of Sarvestan Palace

More about Sarvestan Palace

When to Visit Sarvestan Palace

The best time to visit the palace is spring, as the weather is pleasant then.

You can visit the palace everyday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Sarvestan Sassanid Palace Nearby Attractions

Looking for a natural attraction? Ghashaghe Valley with its fabulous vegetation and a refreshing spring is a great choice. Furthermore, Maharloo Lake with its fascinating pink color will charm you. Tange Ghanibi (Ghanib Valley), abounding with wild almonds and pistachios with its winding road and diverse springs will delight you. Also, make your way toward Estahban (about 90 km from Sarvestan) to visit the vastest rainfed fig orchards in the world (late July to early October) as well as the large saffron farm (late October to late December).

Where to Eat Near Sarvestan Palace

Atlas Restaurant

Setareh Restaurant

Vin Berger Fastfood

Soltani Restaurant

Dorehami Café

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