Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Things to Do in Shiraz

The City of Rose Gardens and Nightingales
Shiraz attraction P - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz
12 Apr

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Things to Do in Shiraz

Visiting Iran soon? Then Shiraz, the city of flowers and poets, should be on top of your list!  There is something adorable about this city! As the cultural capital of Iran and a highlight of its classic tourist route, Shiraz is full of treasured magnets. Visiting Shiraz soon? Then what you’ll need most is a practical list of its top attractions! If you are staying in (and around) Shiraz for 3 to 4 days, start from the top of the list and check out the Must-see Shiraz tourist attractions. If you’ve got 5 to 7 days to stay, after the must-see section, move down the Shiraz Attractions worth Seeing list. And if Shiraz is hosting you for more than 7 days, you can move on to the Have More Time section and take your exploration to a deeper level.

Must-see Shiraz Tourist Attractions

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Persepolis

You haven’t seen Iran if you haven’t walked in the footsteps of Persia’s greatest ancient kings! The glory of the ancient world pictured in your history books comes to life in the remains of the royal complex of Persepolis (UNESCO heritage). This 2500-year-old site used to be one of the six capitals of the Empire that ruled over half of the known world. An absolute must-see in Iran and one of the most popular Shiraz attractions (about an hour to the Northeast of Shiraz), this tourist magnet has been dazzling visitors, archaeologists and history lovers from all around the world. If you ever go there, don’t miss to treat yourself to the fascinating experience the VR glasses create for you.

Persepolis - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Up view of Persepolis, UNESCO heritage – Shiraz attractions – Iran

Things to Do in Shiraz – Naqsh-e Rostam

On the face of a grand cliff near Persepolis, you’ll find one of the most impressive heritages of the ancient world: Naqsh-e Rostam. The majestic look of the royal tombs and reliefs beautifully carved out of the cliff is a priceless memento of Persia’s 3 ancient empires. Speaking of the beliefs, artistry and elegance of its creators, this carved cliff includes tombs of great kings, rock reliefs that portray royal scenes, and inscriptions that shed light on ancient history. When to visit? Spring brings a pleasant weather to the region and blesses the cliff with a gorgeous foreground.

Naqsh e Rostam - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz Attractions – Naqsh-e Rostam

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Pasargadae

Like to discover the birthplace of the greatest empire of the classical world? Then after checking out Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam, you shouldn’t miss Pasargadae (UNESCO world heritage as the first example of Persian Garden). The remains of this ancient complex just don’t do justice to the glory of the royal palaces, halls and gardens set up there at its golden age. The modest tomb of Cyrus the Great is presently the highlight of the complex. But on the remains of the northeastern portal, you can also find a magical creature that’s worth seeing: the figure of a winged man carved on stone. Spring, when the land is covered with grass and wild flowers, is the best time to visit.

Pasargadae - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Pasargadae UNESCO heritage – Around Shiraz, Iran

Shiraz Attractions – Pink Mosque

Shiraz’s adorable Pink Mosque (also known as Nasir-ol Molk Mosque) is one of the most beautiful Shiraz Attractions! The tasteful combination of colors, floral patterns, and Islamic art found in this Shiraz attraction is music to your eyes. But the magic happens early in the morning when a rainbow of light streams in through the colorful windows of the eastern prayer hall. Losing yourself in the dance of lights and colors, and the spiritual peace of this exquisite piece of art is an unforgettable delight. In no other Iranian mosque can you find such cheerful colors. If the Pink Mosque isn’t already in your bucket list, you absolutely must put it!

Pink Mosque - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

The colorful dance of colors in the photogenic Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, the Pink Mosque, Shiraz attractions – Iran

Places to Visit in Shiraz – Qavam House

If Shiraz is one of the loveliest cities in Iran, Qavam house is one of the reasons why! Qavam House is one of the most brilliant Shiraz tourist attractions. This luxurious 19th century mansion of Shirazi aristocrats will not miss to charm you as you set foot inside! If the refinement of art, taste, and skill employed in the house gives it half of its pleasant harmony, the lovely garden that fills the air with the intoxicating aroma of sour orange blossoms in Spring is definitely the other half. If you ever visit this Shiraz attraction, don’t miss the precious collection of photographs, books and archeological artifacts in its basement museum. You can also find special souvenirs at the basement giftshop.

Qavam House - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz – Qavam House, Shiraz tourist attractions – Iran

Top Shiraz Attractions – Vakil Complex in Shiraz

Vakil Complex is one of the most popular Shiraz tourist attractions. History, art, culture and people come together in Vakil Complex. Conveniently located near each other, this collection of 18th century heritages includes Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bathhouse and Vakil Bazaar. The first piece, Vakil Mosque, is an ideal spot to appreciate elegant Persian architecture, tilework and calligraphy. The unique beauty and the spiritual ambiance of the place together make it a must-visit destination.

Neighboring Vakil Mosque is another gorgeous piece of the complex: Vakil Bathhouse (Hammam). Will you be surprised if I told you that this Shiraz attraction used to be the social media of the old Iran? It really was! Chatting, gossiping, grooming, cleaning, match making, pre-marriage and baby shower rituals were all held in this place! Plus, every architectural detail in the bathhouse speaks of Persian ingenuity.

The last piece of the complex, the vibrant Vakil Bazaar, brings you closer to local people and into the heart of Persian culture. Whether you’re a shopping lover, a culture enthusiast or an admirer of Persian art and architecture, this lively traditional bazaar is a must-visit for you. With every step you take, the scent of the spices, the colors of the fabrics, the shine of the copperware or the charm of Persian carpets, antiques and handicrafts penetrates deeper into your soul.

Vakil Complex - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Vakil bazar in Vakil complex, Things to Do in Shiraz – Iran

Shiraz Attractions – Tomb of Hafez

Hafez Tomb is one of the best places to visit in Shiraz. If you are going to visit only one Persian poet, it has to be Hafez, the Shakespeare of Iran. As the favorite spot for many, the Tomb of Hafez fills you up with an aura of peace, romance and poetry. The tomb, the gardens and the buildings surrounding it are all special, but it is the poet’s popularity in Persians’ hearts that give the place half of its charm. Walking on the street in front of the tomb you can find boys with a little bird and a box of cards in their hands. Go to one of them, close your eyes, ask the poet to show you your fortune, and pick a card. Welcome to the depth of Persian culture!

Tomb of Hafez - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Tourist Attractions in Shiraz – Hafez Tomb

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Tomb of Saadi

The tomb of Saadi is one of the top Shiraz attractions. Tomb of Saadi is one of the reasons why Shiraz is known as the ‘City of Poetry’! So, you don’t really know Persian culture if you don’t know this top classical poet and the secrets around his tomb. Saadi probably has the record for writing about rose gardens, nightingales, and orchards! And where can you find his tomb? In the middle of evergreens, cypresses, bitter oranges, rose beds and pools! The beautiful garden where he is buried, the attractive architecture of his tomb, and the sacred fishpond near it have together created a harmony you must see. If you ever visit this Shiraz attraction, don’t forget to throw a coin in the sacred fishpond.

Tomb of Saadi - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Shiraz Attractions – Saadi Tomb in Shiraz, Iran

Things to Do in Shiraz – Arg-e Karim Khan

In the lovely downtown area of Shiraz, you’ll find a Medieval-looking fortress: Arg-e Karim Khan. The historical site has seen the ups and downs of the daily life of the locals for over 3 centuries. From around sunset, when Arg-e Karim Khan is lit up nicely, you get to mingle with the Shirazi people who hang out in the park around the castle. Plus, if you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the first-rate traditional ice cream served at the parlors behind the Arg.

Arg e Karim Khan - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz – Arg-e Karim khan at night, Shiraz Attractions – Iran

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Eram Garden

On Shiraz’s much popular Eram Street, you’ll find the 4-season beauty of the city: Eram Garden. Whether you get to see the blooms and blossoms of its spring or the golden look of its colorful leaves in fall, this UNESCO-listed Persian Garden will not miss to impress you. Named after the legendary garden of Arabia, the garden’s elegant mansion, its sophisticated irrigation system, its collection of trees and plants, and its fascinating scent and scenery make it not much less of a paradise. The nice collection of rocks and gemstones kept in the garden is unmissable.

Eram Garden - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz Attractions – Eram Garden, a beautiful garden in Shiraz, Iran

Places to Visit in Shiraz Attractions – Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shrine

Into religious culture? Then visiting Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shrine is one of the best things to do in Shiraz! This peaceful place is not only a popular praying retreat for Muslims. It is also a cultural gallery for non-Muslims and probably the most tourist friendly religious center in Iran. What could be more peaceful than losing yourself in the spiritual ambiance and lovely architecture of this sacred shrine?!

Ali abne hamze - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz – Ali Ibn Hamzeh Shrine, a religious place in Shiraz – Iran

Shiraz Attractions Worth Visiting

Shiraz Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting – Bishapur Ancient City

This UNESCO world heritage might be a bit far from Shiraz, but don’t even hesitate to take the 150-km road trip. Because it’s definitely worth it! In the remains of Bishapur (part of the Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region), discover the fascinating secrets of the ancient world. The 1700-year-old city was a highlight of the famous Persian-Roman wars. There, you’ll find yourself time traveling through the rock reliefs, castles, temple and structures that speak of Persian grandeur. Don’t forget to check out the precious collection of Bishapur Museum.

Bishapur Ancient City - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz Attractions – Bishapur Ancient city, around Shiraz, Iran

Tang-e Chogan – Things to Do in Shiraz Attractions

Like to see the place where ancient Persian kings used to record their victories and honors? Then you should visit another piece of the Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region (UNESCO): Tang-e Chogan. The gorge that embraces this historical heritage is right beside Bishapur. On the face of a towering rock in the middle of the gorge, you’ll find these ancient rock reliefs. In them, the kings showed off all their achievements in wars against Roman and Arab rivals. They also used to play Polo (a kind of ancient game on horseback) on the green fields of the gorge. If you don’t mind a hike, the 7-meter-tall stone statue of an ancient king in the nearby Shapur Cave welcomes you with its glory.

Tang e Chogan - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Shiraz Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting – Tang-e Chogan, Sassanid heritage around Shiraz, Iran

Shiraz Attractions – Zinat ol Molk House in Shiraz

Also make time for Zinatol Molk House, one of the most appealing historical houses of Shiraz. The basement of the house features wax figures of the most prominent Persian figures. So, you can meet great Persian poets, scientists, kings, politicians, and other celebrities from ancient to contemporary Iran. Thanks to these subtle statues, this Shiraz attraction is comparable to Madame Tussauds Museum in London.

Places to Visit in Shiraz – Pars Museum in Shiraz

Both the 18th century building and the nice collection kept inside, make Pars Museum a charming sight. This endearing historical structure with its adorable decorations was a masterpiece of its time. In the past, the garden used to be a welcoming host to royal guests. Now, it is open to public as the oldest museum in Fars province. The highlight of this Shiraz attraction is the tomb of Karim Khan Zand (1705-1779), the king who called himself the advocate of the common people.

Sarvestan Palace

Find the last piece of the Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region (UNESCO)85 km to Shiraz: Sarvestan Palace. This over 1300-year-old site stands isolated in the middle of a vast plain. Whether a palace, a hunting resort, or a fire temple, the unique architecture of the place makes it worth the visit. Its architectural style is reminiscent of the marvelous architecture of the ancient Persia. Like to visit? Do it in spring when the weather is nice and wild plants cover the surrounding plain.

Sarvestan Palace - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Things to Do in Shiraz Attractions – Sarvestan Palace, around Shiraz, Iran

Shiraz Attractions – Estahban’s Saffron Fields and Fig Orchards

Near Estahban (a town 178 kilometers from Shiraz), you can find the world’s vastest rainfed fig orchards and Iran’s second largest saffron field. So, you can grab these world-famous Iranian delicacies from their very source! Plus, the intoxicating aroma of purple saffron fields and the perfect taste of rainfed figs of the mountain orchards will never erase from your memory. You can enjoy a walk around the fig mountain orchards and taste their sweet harvest if they’re in season (late July to early October). Also, the saffron fields are a real treat from late October to late December.

Shiraz Tourist Attractions – Gahvareh Did and Baba Kuhi of Shiraz

Like to overlook Shiraz tourist attractions from two great lookout points? Then enjoy a light hiking adventure to Gahvareh Did and/or Baba Kuhi. Formerly a watchtower for protecting the city, Gahvareh Did offers the widest and most fascinating perspective of the city and the nearby mountains. The mystical refuge near it, Morteza Ali Well, will make you feel a serene sense of peace. Baba Kuhi, on the other hand, will also offer an exploration through Sufism apart from the great cityscape. Enjoy these Shiraz attractions either in the golden light of morning or in the warm colors of sunset.

Tourist Attractions in Shiraz – Maharloo Salt Lake Near Shiraz

Got enough time? Then don’t miss this salty charm near Shiraz! Maharloo Lake (also known as the Pink Lake), a seasonal salt lake lying near the historical Maharloo Village, is a popular place for picnic. Sometimes, the lovely lake hosts migratory birds. In fact, these birds fly from southern Siberia during the cold seasons of the year. The eye-catching pink color of the lake in some seasons makes this natural site a phenomenal magnet for visitors.

Maharloo Salt Lake - Shiraz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Shiraz

Shiraz Attractions – Maharloo salt lake, Pink lake, around Shiraz, Iran

Have More Time? More Things to Do in Shiraz

Qalat Historical Village – Things to Do in Shiraz

Winding alleys, picturesque houses, lovely gardens, and mountainous nature work hand in hand to make Qalat Village (38 to Shiraz) a popular hotspot.  In the historical village, you can enjoy a walk, stop by cozy coffee houses, and grab nice handicrafts. If you are a nature lover, a hike through the handsome mountain, the gentle river, the magnificent waterfall and the tall trees will be a refreshing experience. Don’t forget to check out the adorable church of the village. If you go in fall, you’ll have a colorful setting that’s perfect for photography.

Shiraz Attractions – Palace of Ardashir

The royal elegance of one of Persia’s greatest empires shows itself off in the Palace of Ardashir (also known as Barin Fire temple) in Firuzabad (108 km from Shiraz).  According to some archeologists, this over 1700-year-old attraction is one of the period’s first structures that exhibit Iwans (porch), arches, domes, and Khishkhan (the early type of wind tower). You can still see the remains of the nice stuccowork that decorates the palace. Walking through the grand halls and nested corridors of the palace takes you back in the history. Plus, a lovely pond magnifies the beauty of this historical site.

Shiraz Attractions – City of Gur

The ancient City of Gur (or Ardashir Khurrah) in Firuzabd, used to be a capital of Sassanid Empire (224-651 AD). With high architectural value, this round city is a piece of urban design and engineering from the ancient times. In the ancient city’s palace, you can discover the remains of a fire temple.

Qal’eh Dokhtar

Firuzabad’s Qal’eh Dokhtar is an example of the impenetrable castles of ancient Persia (224-651 AD). Indeed, the castle mainly served to protect the City of Gur and the Palace of Ardashir. For this purpose, they built the castle on a nearby mountaintop which overlooks these two historical sites.

Hayghar Valley

The stunning Hayghar Valley is known as the Grand Canyon of Iran. With a high geological interest, the valley is particularly an excellent geotourism destination. Besides, the refreshing lake flowing in the region has turned it into a water recreational center. In addition to its natural attractions, this spot embraces history of bravery of the Qashqai (an ethnic group in Iran). These heroes defeated the English invaders during a World War I battle.

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