Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)

An unrivalled Tile Museum
TAKIEH MOAVEN OL MOLK feature image - Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)
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Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)

Takieh Moaven ol-Molk is a spectacular religious heritage from the Qajar dynasty (1789-1925), located in Kermanshah. Chiefly, the monument has served to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (the third Shiite Imam) in Karbala in 680 AD. The shrine still remains pretty much active. Shiite Muslims gather in this shrine during Muharram for mourning and acting out plays tied to Muharram events. Takieh Moaven ol-Molk is well-known for its glamorous and exceptional decorative tilework as well as its admirable paintings. Moreover, the images carved on the tiles display scenes of religious battles and ancient monarchs. The tiles and paintings have much to offer. Once you visit them, listen to their silence closely and hear the stories from the past they present to you.

qajar figure. - Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)

takyeh moaven-ol-molk photos – Tilework in Takieh Moaven ol-Molk

What Makes Takieh Moaven ol-Molk Special?

  • Markedly, Takieh Moaven ol-Molk owes its reputation to its exquisite and unparalleled tiling.
  • Locals call the splendid Takieh the Iranian History Album.
  • The believers hold thrilling performances of religious rituals in Takieh.
  • The tiles very spectacularly depict historical and religious motifs.
  • Indeed, the paintings are so rich in color that make Takieh a magnificent monument.

The Long History of Moaven ol-Molk Takieh

Hussain Khan Moeen Al Raaya constructed the original building of Takieh at the end of the 19th century. Less than a decade later, as constitutionalists were pursuing their campaign there, they demolished the Takieh and set it on fire. Afterward, in the 1940s, Mirza Hssan Khan Moaven Ol Molk, reconstructed and expanded the Takieh by attaching a Zeinabieh and an Abbasieh (two religious structures) to the already existing Husseynieh. According to the documentation on the walls, the tiling project of the Takieh began around 1941 and took seventeen years to complete. Later, locals decided to change the function of Abbasieh to the Islamic studies school in order to protect the Takieh from the threat of the Pahlavi dynasty. In 1973, local officials officially registered the Takieh as a national monument.

classical antiquity in moaven ol molk takieh - Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)

Tiling with pre-Islamic Motif – takyeh moaven-ol-molk photos

Rare Architecture of Takieh Moaven ol-Molk

Above all, the fascinating Takieh Moaven ol-Molk, comprising 3 buildings, Hussainieh, Abbasieh, and Zeinabieh, is an ensemble of glamorous tiling and paintings.

Takieh Moaven Ol Molk iman nbavi - Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)

Splendid Tiling of Takieh Moaven ol-Molk photo


Just like any other Husseinieh, the main function of Moaven ol-Molk is to serve for mourning rituals. Thus, the stirring tiles adorning the chambers’ walls and the interiors of the arches of Husseinieh illustrate mourning scenes for Imam Hussain.


An enclosed space surrounded by a set of chambers and a dome above it was an exclusive section for women. So, they could gather with other women in this place and attend the mourning ceremonies. Hence, the images carved on the tiles decorating Zeinabieh, depicting the tragic event of Karbala battle, would impress the mourners.

AliAkbar battle Zeinabieh - Tekiye Moaven al-Molk (Kermanshah, Iran)

The Battle Scene of Ali Akbar


This marvelous two-story construction, with a nice porch and two brick columns, is home to the Anthropology Museum and the Museum of Garments and Ornaments. In particular, notably colorful Iranian seven-colored tiles decorate the building’s walls. In addition to the magnificent historical and religious motifs, the tiles skillfully portray some political and religious figures of Qajar dynasty.

More about Takieh Moaven ol-Molk

When to visit the Takieh

The best time to visit the Takieh, like other sites in Kermanshah city, is from early June to early September.

Open Hours: 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Nearby Attractions

Another religious site that is complementary to the Takieh Moaven ol-Molk is Takieh Biglar Beigi with its marvelous mirrorwork. Besides, I would definitely recommend the splendid Shafei Mosque of Kermanshah and the traditional Covered Bazar.

Restaurants Near the Takieh

Shandiz Sarsabz Restaurant

Amir Restaurant

Dizi saraye pesarane mirza

Hafez Restaurant

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