Zrebar Lake (Zarivar Lake – Zrewar) | Marivan, Kurdistan, Iran

A Natural Treasure
Zarivar lake product - Zrebar Lake (Zarivar Lake - Zrewar) | Marivan, Kurdistan, Iran
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Zrebar Lake (Zarivar Lake – Zrewar) | Marivan, Kurdistan, Iran

Once you are in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, you should definitely visit Zarivar Lake, located approximately 3 km away from Marivan (almost 130 km from Sanandaj). You are going to love it! Zarivar Lake, also known as Lake Zrebar, Zeribar or Zrewar, is one of the exceptional fresh water lakes in Iran. No rivers flow into Zarivar Lake, it is rather a spring-fed lake. In other words, the lake is supplied with water through openings in its bed. Snowfalls, rainfalls, and the melting snow on the surrounding mountains feed water to the lake.

Zarivar Lake is a wetland of international importance in western Iran and a tourism hub in the country. In particular, Zarivar Lake is a rare natural phenomenon, located in a relatively wide longitudinal valley. Also, forest-covered mountains encompass the lake from west and east. Zarivar ecosystem, particularly, includes various species of aquatics and birds, as well as diverse vegetation. Stick with me to sense the beauties of the lake more deeply.

دریاچه در شب علی افضلی - Zrebar Lake (Zarivar Lake - Zrewar) | Marivan, Kurdistan, Iran

sunset view of Zrebar Lake Photo

Why Visit Zrebar lake

  • Zarivar is a unique fresh water lake and a wetland of international importance.
  • An amazing wonder of the area is the islands in the lake.
  • The region includes diverse aquatics, birds, and vegetation.
  • Zarivar offers its beauties all year round. Even, the frozen surface of the lake during winter creates a picture-perfect scene.
  • Zarivar is a well-equipped national tourist hub.
زریوار از بالا - Zrebar Lake (Zarivar Lake - Zrewar) | Marivan, Kurdistan, Iran

Aerial View of Zarivar Lake

Legend of Zarivar Lake

The word Zari means lake and the word var means next to. Their combination, Zarivar, means lake, too. Zarivar Lake is associated with numerous legends. Rumor has it that the lake embraces a buried treasure. Notably, the most popular legend of the lake dates back to thousands of years. Once upon a time a Dervish (a member of Sufi brotherhood) arrived in the city of Zarivar with his pregnant wife. The cruel ruler of the region and his servants caused the death of his wife and unborn baby. The Dervish got so desperate that he began to ask god for help. He kept praying and prostrating until a passerby tapped him on the shoulder. He rose his head and beheld a large sea before himself. The city and the people had all sunk to the water and the amazing Zarivar Lake had appeared.

How Zarivar Looks

Zarivar Lake, lying in the middle of the mountains covered with wild pear and Persian oak trees, fascinates any visitor. Zarivar is home to numerous species of animals and plants and is brownish green in color. Surely, it offers its beauties all year round. Even, the frozen surface of the lake during winter creates a picture-perfect scene. You can enjoy walking and motorcycle ice riding on the frozen lake. In particular, long reeds around the lake and the islands inside the lake just add the touch of magic and surprise.

و کلبه های چوبی کنار دریاچه - Zrebar Lake (Zarivar Lake - Zrewar) | Marivan, Kurdistan, Iran

Zrebar Lake Cabin Rentals

More about Zarivar lake

Best Time to Visit Zarivar Lake

Undoubtedly, spring and summer are the best times of the year to enjoy beauties of the lake.

Zarivar Lake Nearby Attractions

In addition to the natural beauty of the lake, you can also enjoy your time at the Coastal Park Resort. Explore the New Year Fair as well as the Border Market of Marivan for gorgeous handicrafts and ornaments. Bilu Plain with a fascinating vegetation, numerous springs, and surrounding forests is a magnet for tourists. At the foot of a nearby mountain lies Kani Sanan Village. Indeed, the row-house architecture of the village is stunning. Goile village will also fascinate you with its magnificent waterfall.

Where to Eat

Zirak Kebab

It is worth mentioning that you can possibly find the best grilled fish in western Iran in Zarivar.

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