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Personal, Private and Professional Tours of Iran

TOP Exclusive And Private Tours To Iran 2023

It’s you, your favorite people, and all you like about Iran! Your Iran private tour package will give you the chance to travel the way you want, with the people you want and with the trip itinerary you want. That’s why these exclusive and intimate trips have been among our most popular tours. IranOnTour plans everything you need so that you have a customized, pleasant, and unforgettable touring experience with your group. You can choose one of our ready-to-book tours that range from 2 hours to several days, or craft your own tailor-made tour.

Iran Private Tour Types

Private Tours Of Iran

Private Cultural Tours of Iran

Pick from our diverse trip itineraries for your group, find the tourist spotlights of Iran, discover the ancient culture, and enjoy the genuine culture with your friends, family, colleagues, fellows, or yourself!

Tehran ➜ Hamedan ➜ Kermanshah ➜ Ahvaz ➜ Shiraz ➜ Yazd ➜ Isfahan ➜ Kashan ➜ Tehran
16 Days
Tehran ➜ Kermanshah ➜ Hamedan ➜ Isfahan ➜ Yazd ➜ Shiraz
13 Days
Tehran➜ Kashan➜ Yazd➜ Kerman➜ Shiraz➜ Isfahan➜ Tehran
12 Days
Tehran ➜ Isfahan ➜ Shiraz ➜ Yazd ➜ Kashan ➜ Tehran
10 Days
10.0 Superb
Tabriz ➜ Shiraz ➜ Yazd ➜ Isfahan ➜ Kashan ➜ Tehran
9 Days
Tehran ➜ Shiraz ➜ Isfahan ➜ Kashan ➜ Tehran
7 Days

Private Off-the-Beaten-Path Tours of Iran

Iran’s diversity shows itself off off the tourist radar! It’s there that you’ll find the hidden historical, cultural and natural treasures of the country. It is there that you’ll find the genuine and untouched beauties you wouldn’t forget!

Come to Kurdish region of Iran on a 7-Day tour of Kurdistan & Kermanshah’s Hawraman. Discover ancient history, local lifestyle & villages of western Iran...
7 Days
Tabriz ➜ Zanjan ➜ Qazvin ➜ Alamut ➜ Tehran
7 Days
Tabriz ➜ Kandovan Village ➜ Ardabil
6 Days
Sistan and Baluchestan Province
5 Days

The Best Season for Private Tours of Iran

Iran is a 4-season country and you’ll find somewhere to go and something to do all year round. Plus, touring around the classic tourist route is possible throughout the year. This makes your Iran private tour doable whenever you wish to. But to enjoy the most pleasant weather in Iran, plan your trip for fall and spring, especially in March and April.

Why Have a Private Tour of Iran

Desired Highlights

A private tour in Iran means that you get to pick all the sights and attractions you’re interested in.

Favorite Companions

The best thing about an Iran private tour will probably be that you’ll be with the people you like and choose.

Preferred Services

Choose whatever services you’d like to receive from us, from bookings and reservations to Iranian SIM card and bank card.

Travel Pace & Style

Whatever your travel style or at whatever pace you’d like to see Iran, your private tour offers you the flexibility you need.

What Our Guests Say About Us

Rich Experiences to Add to Your Private Tour to Iran

Our experience-based tours will take you to the depth and breadth of Persian culture, the secrets of its arts and festivals, its culinary delights, and warm gatherings with Iranian people. You can add these short tours to your Iran Private Tour itinerary or join them individually.

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Tailor Make Your Iran Private Tour

Not finding your ideal tour? Make your exclusive tour of Iran more you by adapting your accommodation, itinerary, and services to your group’s unique taste, interests, budget, and style.

Create your trip now

Who Are Private Tours For

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Groups of Friends

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Travelers With Special Interests

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Companies looking for exclusive high-quality tours

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Add Active Adventures to Your Private Tour of Iran

A great way to make your  Iran private trip more adventurous is spicing up your itinerary with one or two active adventures in a piece of Iran’s diverse nature! Our other brand name, IranOnAdventure, offers you a diverse range of safe, pleasant and professional active adventures beside Iran’s top guides!

4 Trek - BEST Iran Private Tours & Exclusive Trips 2023
1 Ski - BEST Iran Private Tours & Exclusive Trips 2023
5 Rock - BEST Iran Private Tours & Exclusive Trips 2023
3 Hiking - BEST Iran Private Tours & Exclusive Trips 2023
6 Canyoning - BEST Iran Private Tours & Exclusive Trips 2023
2 Horse - BEST Iran Private Tours & Exclusive Trips 2023

FAQs for Iran Private Tour Packages

Will I be with other travelers on my Iran private tour?

On your Iran private tour, there will only be the people you’ve chosen.

Will there be a guide on my exclusive holiday?

Yes! One of our carefully hand-picked guides who are of Iran’s most professional and knowledgeable ones will accompany you throughout the tour.

Do I need to pay extra when requesting a private tour?

No. The price of your tour only depends on the number of people in your group and the services you’d like to include.

How do private adventures compare to a typical group adventure?

On a group adventure, you travel with people you’ve never met, group sizes differ and there’s a set itinerary that can’t be changed. But on exclusive and private Iran tours, you travel on your own or with travel companions you already know, and have more freedom and flexibility on where you stay and what you do.

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