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The City of Persian Architectural Heritages: City Tours, Day Tours & Road Trips

Kashan Tour Packages & Day Trips

The artistic taste and elegance of Persian architecture manifest themselves in the top historical heritages you’ll discover on your Kashan Tours! Whether its on your multi-day tour of Iran, or you’d like to see the charming town on your way from a nearby city to another, these tours will take you to the unmissable highlights of history and architecture there. Find Fin Garden (UNESCO-listed Persian Garden), Tabatabai House, Borujerdi House and/or Abbasi House. (Kashan Attractions)

Kashan Tours & Excursions

The fictional-looking Abyaneh Village of lovely architecture and adorable culture, as well as Kashan’s beautiful hits expect you of this Kashan Tour.

Get out of Isfahan and discover the top tourist magnets near it! On this 1-day tour, we’ll fall in love with the red..
1 Day

Kashan Road Tours

Put the unmissable town of Kashan in the middle of a comfortable, hassle-free and pleasant road trip from Isfahan to Tehran or the other way around!

Jump on this tour to make your road travel memorable with the top sights of Kashan and Tepe…
10 Hours

Places To Visit in Kashan

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Tailor-Made Kashan Tours

We have done our best to consider both your various tastes and Iran’s immense potentials to craft the best possible Kashan tours for you. Yet, if you’d like your Kashan excursion trip to be different in any way, we will be more than happy to help you create it.

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The Best Season for Kashan Tours

Like other cities on the main tourist route of Iran, you can visit Kashan all year round. But the summers can be too hot for you. The best time for Kashan tours is from fall through early spring.

Discover More about Kashan Tourist Attractions

Make the most of your Kashan Tour by finding out all you need to know about the attractions you’ll find on it: their stories, histories, architecture and more…

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