Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Iran’s Diverse Society, Where Ethnics Unite Under a Flag
Iranian Groups of Ethnicity
7 Dec

Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

The society of Iran is way bigger than what we refer to as “Persia”. Of course, Persian people are the major Iranian ethnic group, yet the beauty of Iranian society is due to the diversity of its peoples and tribes. Iranian Tribes are all united under the same flag and they love each other as members of a family. Tribes of Iran form the characteristics of this ancient country and they live with each other in safety and peace. Follow me in this passage to find out more about the diversity of Iranian ethnic groups, and interesting factors about each of them.

The Diversity of Tribes in Iran

Iranian culture is like a painting masterpiece. In a painting, you can’t say which color is the most beautiful; and all colors make sense together. You can never decide which Iranian ethnic group is the best. The tribes in Iran are beautiful beside each other. A disaster for each tribe of Iran is a pain for the whole nation, and glory for an Iranian tribe makes the whole society honored. All tribes in Iran unite under their common characteristics such as nation, religion, language, and indeed humanity.

There is a heavenly verse in the holy Quran that is obviously respected and obeyed in Iran: “O humanity! Indeed, we created you from a male and a female and made you into peoples and tribes so that you may get to know one another. Surely the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous among you. Allah is truly All-Knowing, All-Aware”.

Iranian Ethnic Groups, Different Tribes of Iran

Iran is a complex of different tribes, each of which has a different culture and language. Some of these languages are different species of Persian language, but they differ in details. Each tribe of Iran is usually centralized in a region of Iran. The most popular Iran ethnic groups are Persians, Kurds, Lurs, Azeris, Turks, Turkmens, Baluchis, Arabs, and Gilakis. There are many other Iranian peoples and ethnicities such as Mazandarani, Lak, Talesh, and so on; though some say they can be categorized as sub-branches of the popular Iranian tribes mentioned in the previous sentence.

The Persian Peoples

Iran cover - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Persian People

Persian peoples involve the majority of Iran’s population. The language of this ethnic group is the standard form of the Persian language which is spoken on TV. Other Iran ethnic groups speak different forms of the Persian language, though they are considered separate ethnic groups due to their unique local and tribal life. Iran Persian Peoples are mostly Shia Muslims; and they are widespread in different regions of Iran such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Ahvaz, Yazd, and so on.

Races in Iran, Kurd Iranian Tribes

Kurd Iranian Tribes - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Kurd Iranian Tribes

Kurd Iranian Tribes mostly live in Kermanshah, Kurdistan, and Ilam province. These lovely and hospitable people are famous for their music, mysticism, resistance to harsh situations such as war, and love for Iran. Kurd Iranian peoples are mostly Sunni Muslims, and their religious life is so spiritual. Kurd Iranian Tribes speak Kurdish languages which is one of the oldest species of Persian language and it is a surviving form of the Pahlavi Parthian form of Persian.

Lur Tribes of Iran

Lur Tribes of Iran - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Lor Tribe Iran

Lur peoples (Lurs in Iran) are mostly residents of the western and southwest of Iran. The people of this Iran ethnic group speak a form of Persian language which is so intimate for Iranians. Iranian Lor people are famous for their zeal, diligence, and honesty. There are many nomadic Lur tribes in different parts of Iran that have a lovely lifestyle in nature. Lor people also have prosperous literature and history. They are mostly Shia Muslims and their love for Islamic figures such as Imam Hussain (AS) is magnificent.

Ethnicities of Iran, Turk Tribes of Iran

Iranian Turk tribes live in different places of Iran. Turk tribes include many different tribes and ethnic groups.  Azeri and Turkmen ethnic groups are two popular Turk tribes in Iran. Turk people have different dialects according based on their geography. For example, the Azeri Turkish dialect is different from Turkmen, and both dialects are different from Turk tribes’ dialects in Fars Province.

Azeri Iran Ethnic Groups

Azeri Iran Ethnic Groups - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Azeri Iran Ethnic Groups

The Iranian tribe of historical heroes is the Azeri Iranian ethnic group. Azeri Iran people mostly live in the northwest of Iran. Eastern and western Azerbaijan province is their popular residence. Azeri people speak a form of Turkish which is Similar to the Istanbul Turkish language, with some differences. Of course, they speak Persian too if they should react with a non-Turkish language speaker. Azeri tribes in Iran are mostly Shia Muslims and they love Islamic Shia definitions, beliefs, and rituals. Many famous Iranian poets, mystics, historical heroes, and artists are Azeri.

Ethnicity in Iran, Turkmen Iran Ethnic Groups

Turk Tribes of Iran turkaman - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Turk Tribes of Iran – Turkaman

Turkmen Tribes in Iran are a class of Turks that speak a form of Turkish, known as the Turkmen language. Turkmen people mostly live in the eastern regions of the Caspian Sea, Golestan Province, and Northern Khorasan. These Iranian tribes are famous for their beautiful choice of clothing, music, and happy lifestyle in peace with nature. Turkmen people are great horse riders and Turkmen horses are so lovely. If you are interested in a natural life and horse riding, Turkmen Iranian tribes can be the best hosts for you.

Ethnic Groups of Iran, Baluch Iranian People

Baluch Iranian Ethnic Group - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Baluch Iranian Ethnic Group

Baluch Iranian Tribes are the speakers of the Baluchi language which is a famous form of Persian. The majority of Baluch Iranian people live in the eastern south of Iran. “Sistan and Baluchistan” is the homeland of these kind-hearted Iranian people. Baluchi peoples are mostly Sunni Muslims and they have a fond brotherhood with Shia Muslims. Baluch people love Iran so much and they have saved their ancient Iranian characteristics and local customs. They are also famous for hospitality, kindness, bravery, and resistance. They also have a prosperous culture and a unique taste in arts and music.

Ethnic groups of Iran, Arab Tribes

Arab Tribes in Iran - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Arab Iranian Ethnic Group

Arab Tribes of Iran are Arabic language speakers who live in different parts of Iran, especially in the west south, and southern regions near the Persian Gulf. Some cities of Khuzestan and Bushehr province are popular residents of Arab Iranian tribes. Arab Iranians are great examples of peace and brotherhood among Iranian and Arabic cultures. Iranian Arabs have both national and religious festivals, and ceremonies and they have a special Islamic-Iranian lifestyle. Iranian Arabs are also famous for their great taste in food, music, and poetry.

Gilaki Iranian Peoples

Gilaki Iranian Peoples - Iran Ethnic Groups: Iranian Tribes & Ethnicity

Gilaki People

Gil or the so-called Gilaki Iranian peoples are residents of the western south regions of the Caspian Sea. Gil tribes in Iran are speakers of a form of Indo-European language which is so mixed with modern forms of Persian these days. Most of the Gilaki Iranian ethnic groups (Gilaki People) live in the Gilan province and their taste in food is unique in the whole world. Gilan province is one of the most beautiful regions of Iran with a wonderful green nature, eye-catching jungles, moderate weather, and wonderful literature. There are also historical heroes and figures of Iran among Gil tribes, especially in the age of Qajar, such as Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali.

Iran Nomad Tour

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