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Beyond Iran’s Sweetheart City: Deep Cultural Experiences, Ancient Treasures, & Day Trips

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The cultural capital of Iran, Shiraz, has been an unmissable point on a trip to Iran. With delightful orange gardens and historical attractions inside, and the 2500-year-old relics of Iran’s golden era outside, Shiraz is a real charmer. But what makes this old city Iran’s sweetheart is its atmospheric aura and its culture-loving and carefree people. On these Shiraz tour, touch the depth of Persian culture on short experience-based tours. Discover the adorable lifestyle of the nomads who live in harmony with nature. Or, find the hits of culture and nature nearby: Persepolis (UNESCO), Pasargadae (UNESCO), Naqsh-e Rostam Necropolis, Bishapur (UNESCO), Maharlou Pink Lake, etc.

Get a genuine taste of Persian culture on experience-based tours that take you to the depth of Persian cuisine, music, arts, festivals and religion, and in touch with Iranian people.

A culture lover’s paradise would be embracing a combination of all...
Half Day
Customs for celebrating love and marriage are bright windows opening to...
2.5 Hours
Choosing to find the roots of Persia’s rich culture in the pleasant harmony of its music would be…
3 Hours
On the Shiraz culinary tour, enjoy pleasures of Persian cuisine & taste traditional Iranian foods.
4 Hours
On this Shiraz Walking Food Tour, find local markets, food vendors, Iranian restaurants & cafés of Shiraz to…
4 Hours
Join us for a friendly Persian feast in a garden near Shiraz! Discover Iranian culture, cuisine & lifestyle...
3 Hours
The elegance that overwhelms you when you find yourself surrounded by the impressive architecture of...
1.5 Hours
Taking beautifully painted clayware home as Persian treasures is nice, but getting to see the workshop...
1.5 Hours
If you want to take your discovery of Persian culture to a deeper...
2.5 Hours
On the first 10 days of the first month of the Islamic calendar, Muharram, you’ve got the chance...
Half Day
Standing shoulder to shoulder with Iranian Muslims dressed in black clothes on the 10th day of the 1st...
Half Day
Religion is a mirror clearly reflecting the culture of a nation, so understanding Shia Islam as the main...
3 Hours
The breathtaking elevated view of Shiraz, and the mystical ambiance of the city’s most popular lookout spots have…
3 Hours

Discover the unmissable highlights of history, culture and nature outside Shiraz on these Day Tours from Shiraz. Find Persepolis (UNESCO), Naqsh-e Rostam Necropolis, Pasargadae (UNESCO), Bishapur (UNESCO), the Pink Lake and more.

Spice your exploration of Iran up with the elegant mementos of Achaemenid...
1 Day
Deepen your understanding of Persian history and culture in the heartland...
1 Day
Touching the splendor of ancient Persia will only be possible with an ...
1 Day
Dig deeper into Persian history with a 1-day exploration through two of the magnets of the Sassanid ...
1 Day
Join a 2-day tour of Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rajab, Naqsh-e Rostam & Pasargadae. Also find local traditions for making…
2 Days
2 Days
Done discovering the charms of Shiraz yet you’re the kind of person who likes to leave...
1 Day

Nomadic Tours from Shiraz

On these Nomadic Tours from Shiraz, you’ll find a life of simplicity and beautiful harmony with nature. Find Qashqai nomads or other tribes and discover the special lifestyle, culture, clothes,…

Get a slice of ancient Persia on...
2 Days
Discover nomadic lifestyle of Qashqai people & find natural attractions on a 1-day Qashqai Nomads & Margoon Waterfall…
1 Days
Let’s go to the countryside near Shiraz for a 2-day tour of Qashqai Nomads & Margoon Waterfall...
2 Days
Hop on a 1-day Qashqai Nomads Tour plus Sassanid Heritages near Shiraz...
1 Day
Let Sassanid history and Nomadic culture broaden your horizons to Iran if you are in Shiraz in fall…
2 Days

Road Trips to & From Shiraz

Need a ride from Shiraz to Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman or Ahvaz? Or even the other way around? These road tours are not only hassle-free, but they also take you to the highlights of nature and culture on the way.

Ready to leave Shiraz for Isfahan? Then make the most of your trip with a visit to the…
12 Hours
Find jewels of Persian history on your road tour from Shiraz to Yazd. Discover Persepolis (UNESCO), Naqsh-e Rostam…
12 Hours
Make your road travel from Shiraz to Kerman enriching by this 2-day road tour. Visit UNESCO's Persepolis, Pasargadae…
2 Days
On this 2-day Shiraz to Ahvaz road travel, discover attractions of Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars (UNESCO): Bishapur…
2 Days

Places To Visit in Shiraz

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Tailor Make Your Shiraz Tour

We have done our best to consider both your various tastes and Shiraz’s immense potentials to craft the best possible Shiraz Tour packages for you. Yet, if you’d like your Shiraz tour to be different in any way, we will be more than happy to help you create it.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Shiraz?

As one of the main points on Iran’s classic tourist route, Shiraz is a 4-season city possible to visit all year round. Fall gives Shiraz a lovely look with orange and yellow leaves. Winters are tolerably cold and summers tolerably hot. But, Shiraz is adored for its Ordibehesht (2nd month in the solar calendar coinciding April 21 to May 20). The reason is that Iranians as well as tourists who have visited Shiraz in early spring have fallen in love with its special aura, the beauty of its gardens, and the aroma of its sour orange blossoms. As a local of Shiraz, I recommend visiting Shiraz in March, when not only nature is blooming, but you can also enjoy the gorgeous vibe and festivals of Nowrooz (Persian New Year).

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08a1701b08a0db74146c6e1dda3de792 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hey, how many days would be enough to visit all must-see Shiraz attractions?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Dear Pedro, greetings. I think 2 or 3 days would be great.

1d5bcfbeba122b232c1dfbc65eb1e4ec - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Greetings IranOnTour! Is it possible to enter Arg-e KarimKhan? I just see the outer view in the pictures

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Greetings dear Nikki. I hope you’re fine. Yes you can visit the inner sites of the castle. It’s so lovely. I’ll share some pictures through email with you.

e15971ff5df46132ac3f71bfe4ad3878 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Great. Thank you so much!

192462b2567c1a0d2fa14042dabbd8d6 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hey guys! I hope you are ok! Can I accommodate in a Shirazi garden instead of the hotels?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi there! I hope you’re fine. Yes, as you wish. We can arrange the tour totally based on your interests!

011cac4bb5c54edfebdeb3a6277cf80c - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Great! Thanks for your quick reply!

88939f5b0ad21d2101f0794e661085af - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi. Is it possible to have a music class in these Persian music experiences?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Greetings dear Liz. Yes, of course. Fill free to send us emails and share your interests with us. We’ll plan the tours according to your interests.

a0df332170c999da3b4c38cae5575214 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi. Can I visit Margoon Waterfall and spend the night in a nomadic camp?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi there Nino. I hope you’re fine. Yes, of course. You can book a tour by an email or WhatsApp message. Feel free to share more about your interests with us!

6e849faa8127c194ff7b2ae83820bba0 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hey guys. What’s up? I hope you are great. I’d like to have a 2-day tour in Shiraz (inside the city) and spend both nights with 2 different Shirazi families. Would you sort a plan for me?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Greetings dear Norman. I hope you’re great too. The tour is yours. Let us know about your interests and ideals through email. We’ll share the best plans possible with you.

9e3e4cc64a5a2e5197f26dfde64d8ef0 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi. I’d like to mix some of these tours and make plan for a week. Would you guide me to choose the best options and mix them together for a new plan?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hey Erwin. I hope you’re fine. Of course, I’ll be glad to set a plan for you. Let’s talk more through email and share your interests with me. Good luck!

067af0fce2fac0cecc095dcfb496b289 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hey. I hope you are doing well. I want a tailor-made shiraz tour. I don’t have much information. Would you send me an email with suggested plans?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Greetings dear Barbara. I hope you’re fine. Sure. Would you send us an email about your interests, so that we can suggest the more interesting places for you?

208146a8924e1bef83f68b8c982e4d41 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi Persia, I’m interested in nomads’ life. I like to spend four days with them, even more. But your tours are 1 or 2 days, do you think would it be possible?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Hi dear Emily. I hope you’re fine. The amount of days you want to spend with nomads, can be different. You can send us an email with your favorite tour modifications. We’ll sort the plans the way you like.

4e5eca9f5be81d1500ee0e69d5c8d814 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

I will come to Iran and start my trip form Shiraz. Can I have a 2-day tour before my trip?

6e36a3b5ba106500564e563cd45ccab7 - BEST Shiraz Tour Packages 2023 & 2024

Greeting dear Ashely. I hope you’re fine. Indeed, we’ll be glad to serve you. Let us know the details of you tour and share your interests with us via email. Thank you.

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