Is Iran Safe for Tourists in 2023?

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8 Feb

Is Iran Safe for Tourists in 2023?

To many people who have visited Iran, their trip has been a ‘Brave New World’ experience. Because despite what mainstream media likes you to believe, Iran has always been one of the world’s safest tourist destinations. A short glance at the crime rate in Iran and comparing it with other countries around the world is a good proof of Iran’s travel safety. What makes Iran even safer is the ingrained Persian belief that ‘guests are from God’ and the people’s willingness to go above and beyond to make the visitors to their country feel welcomed and cared for. They love to have a chat with tourists, welcome them to the country, give them directions to tourist sights, suggest the best places to eat, and give them a piece of the sweet Persian hospitality.

How Safe is Iran?

Iran is the 48th country of the world in terms of crime rate, with drug trafficking, money laundering, opium abuse, tax evasions and alcohol smuggling being the top crimes. So, travel safety is not much of a concern. This does not mean that you shouldn’t worry about anything at all. It is always wise to take care of your belongings and use your common sense.

What is the Safest Place in Iran?

It is hard to say what is the safest place in Iran for tourists. Travel safety in Iran is more or less the same all around the country. The main tourist route and the tourist areas are quite safe. Even if you go off the beaten path, you might find surprisingly hospitable people. This is especially true in the Southern region, as well as Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces of Iran, where the warm-hearted people will surprise you with their amazing hospitality.

Is Iran Safe for American Tourists?

Americans are actually among the most favorite nationalities among Iranians. Iranians are familiar with the American culture and like expressing it to their American guests. Plus, the rule that demands Americans to visit Iran only with an approved tour guide maximizes travel safety for American citizens in Iran.

Is Iran Safe for British Tourists?

You could say Iran is even safer for British tourists! The reason is that they have to be accompanied by an approved tour guide who will ensure their utmost safety throughout their trip.

Is Iran Safe for European Tourists?

The truth is, tourists of all nationalities are safe in Iran. This is even more true for European nationalities. Because the European look will make it apparent that you are a guest and Iranians love making their guests feel welcomed. You’ll have to see it for yourself!


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