An Hour with Islam

Your Map through the Religion in Iran

An Hour with Islam

Religion is a mirror clearly reflecting the culture of a nation, so understanding Shia Islam as the main religious belief in Iran is the reliable road map to the depth of the culture and the most enlightening way to bridge cultural barriers and break stereotypes. Having a 1-hour trip to the world of Shia Islam, witnessing its distinctive rituals and ceremonies, and getting to know Muslims will be the answer to many of your questions concerning Shi’ism in Iran. Also, meeting a friendly English-speaking clergy who’s there to answer all your questions about Islam with an open mind in the warmth, beauty and peace of Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine will satisfy your curiosities about Islam.

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    An Hour with Islam
Visiting Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine

Discovering the architectural beauty and the spiritual peace of the 19th century shrine of a descendent of Prophet Muhammad, Ali Ibn Hamzeh, is just an introduction to the attractions of the world of Islam. The welcoming atmosphere of the sacred place together with its visual charms will create a pleasant experience that you’ll fondly remember.

Seeing the Pre-prayer Ritual and the Congregational Prayer (if possible)

By cleaning the body (literally), purifying the soul (symbolically), and clearing the mind of the worldly concerns, a Muslim prepares him/herself for a closer contact with God and the ritualistic way to do it is Wudu. After watching the wudu ritual, let the spiritual beauty of the collective prayer of men and women standing in parallel lines directing their face and heart toward the holy center of the Muslim world (the Kaaba) touch your heart.

Attending a Friendly Session on Islam

Would like to know about women’s rights in Islam or what Muslims say in their prayers? What about politics, liberty, law or the belief in a savior or Hijab in Islam? Whatever you’re curious about will be answered in an open and friendly session with an Islamic expert and clergy who’s willing to give you a genuine comprehension of the religion of compassion. Opening this authentic window to the world of Islam can be the spiritual and humanistic experience that can connect us all despite our racial, national, religious or political differences, and help us rise beyond the intolerance and stereotyping existing in the world today to make a new world filled with love, understanding, compassion and peace.


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