Bam Citadel (Arg-e Bam), Rayen Castle & Mahan 1-Day Tour

The Gems of Persian Architecture in Kerman

Bam Citadel (Arg-e Bam), Rayen Castle & Mahan 1-Day Tour

A one-day exploration through the history, culture and architecture of the icons of civilization around Kerman will be a tasty side dish to your exploration of Iran. Wander around the UNESCO-listed Arg-e Bam in BamRayen Castle in Rayen, and Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO Persian Garden) and Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine in Mahan. Knowing the culture inside out, your professional local guide will bring the history into life for you.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced guide
    Entrance fees
  • Exclude
    Optional activities (camel riding, sand boarding, etc.)
    Accept the warm welcome of Kerman’s morning sun! Off we go from your Kerman accommodation toward the crossroad of ancient trade routes (195 km) where lies the longest adobe building in the world, the USESCO-listed Arg-e Bam. Wandering around the glorious towers, gates, houses and the impressive central citadel of the medieval fortress would be like walking through Persian history.Having visited the biggest adobe building in the world, move forward to capture glorious pictures with one of Iran's largest adobe castles, Rayen Castle. Throughout history, the splendid architecture of the castle has made it proudly stand up against the attacks of rulers and natural disastersThen a 75-kilometer ride brings you to Mahan. At its Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine enjoy the architectural beauty of the burial place of this Persian Sufi master and poet. Also have a ride toward the UNESCO-listed Shazdeh Garden, the elegant epitome of paradisal Persian gardens in semidesert. Having captured the beauty of the mirage-like mansion on camera and taken a walk across the garden’s enchanting staired paths, end the memorable excursion with a ride back to Kerman.


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