Tour Beside Bakhtiari Nomads

An Exploration of a Unique Lifestyle

Tour Beside Bakhtiari Nomads

If you are visiting Isfahan in spring and summer, a unique 1-day experience of nomadic life among the lovely Bakhtiari tribe will be an enriching choice. These nomads who have kept their modest lifestyle and folklore alive in the midst of all the bustle of modern world still move from place to place, live on their herd and wild plants and overcome countless difficulties. Being welcomed with nomadic hospitality in the middle of all the beauties of the lush land they have chosen as their temporary home will make you never want to leave.

Note: You can join us on this tour from around March to September.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced English-speaking local guide
    Meals: Lunch and Dinner
  • Exclude
  • Included
    Tour Beside Bakhtiari Nomads
Meet us up at your Isfahan accommodation and have a pleasant ride through a lush mountainous road to Borujen (110 km). Pass Borujen and make your way toward Shirmard Village (90 km). From there, have a short off-road trip (5-6 km) to the foot of Shirmard Mountain where Bakhtiari nomads are temporarily living.Meet the welcoming nomad family who make you feel at home with their warmth. Begin your exploration of their simple and lovely lifestyle with the delicious local lunch they have cooked for you over fire. Then have some time to enjoy the intact culture of these unpretentious people and hike around the surrounding pristine nature. In early Spring, the stunning beauty of a carpet of wild flowers (fritillaria) will double the beauty of the green nature and the lovely springs. Luck may have it that you get to see the nomads collect eggs, milk cows, churn Mashk, spin wool, sing, weave, make fire and cook. Finally, head back to Isfahan with a sweet smile that the adorable nomadic life has brought to your face.


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