Bisotun, the History Museum & Other Treasures

History, Majesty and Romance in Kermanshah

Bisotun, the History Museum & Other Treasures

Experience a memorable journey through Persian history on a one-day tour in Kermanshah province. Experience maximized gratification of east side of Kermanshah by exploring wonderful historical relics of Kermanshah located on the ancient Silk Road. We will meet up in the Kermanshah city and head to Kangavar, in the east side of Kermanshah province. First, let’s set off to visit Anahita Temple with its Persian-Hellenistic architectural design. Then, prepare for the breathtaking Bisotun historical site (UNESCO heritage). Next destination will be the Eshaqwand Rock Tombs, a structure cut into the cliff face. After a busy sightseeing day, you can rest back in Kermanshah.


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    Licensed and experienced tour guide
    Entrance fees
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    We will begin our journey by leaving Kermanshah to the Anahita Temple in Kangavar (about 97 Km). Once in the temple, surrounded by symmetric column bases, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Kangavar plain form the hilltop.


    Anahita Temple was reminiscent of only one section of Persian history. More is yet to come. So, we head to Behistun (60 Km). This magnificent historical site exhibits a collection of illustrated Persian history from about 6000 years ago. At first sight, the splendor of the Mount Behistun will catch your eye. Behistun has more to offer to allow you savor the Persian history and mythology. Listen to the guide telling you romance story of Shirin and Farhad, a tragic Persian legend, as well as stories from the Behistun Inscription.


    Following the exceptional visit to Behistun, we will head to Eshaqwand (about 30 Km) in the afternoon. We will climb up a low-slope hill to the Eshaqwand Rock Tombs, and enjoy the landscape as well as the mesmerizing sunset before we return to Kermanshah.


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