Discovering Zoroastrianism

A Journey Through the World’s Second Oldest Religion

Discovering Zoroastrianism

This is an invitation to a Zoroastrian adventure tour around Yazd. The invitation brings us to precious Zoroastrian sites and unique Zoroastrian ceremonies. When Zoroastrians from all around Iran gathered together in Yazd, they created the largest community of the followers of the ancient religion. This made the city an attractive museum of unique culture, customs and treasures. To have a genuine experience of this well-preserved culture, we’re going on a tour around the fire temple of Yazd, Yazd Towers of Silence, and Zoroastrian houses and museums. We’ll also explore its distinctive customs, rituals, ceremonies and foods. In the company of a guide who’s closely familiar with the culture, we’ll join Zoroastrians in one of their ceremonies. Watching one of the many ceremonies Zoroastrians hold each month will be an enriching experience.

What We Will Experience:

  • Being introduced to Persia’s most ancient customs first hand
  • Taking part in Zoroastrian traditional ceremonies
  • Having the company of a guide with professional knowledge on Zoroastrianism
  • Paying visits to a Zoroastrian fire temple, Zoroastrian districts and Zoroastrians’ houses
  • Learning about Zoroastrian clothing, arts and handicrafts in Zoroastrian museums
  • Getting familiar with the ancient funeral rituals at a Tower of Silence


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