Bishapur Complex Tour

The Precious Heritages of Sassanid Empire

Bishapur Complex Tour

€57 per person

Dig deeper into Persian history with a 1-Day Bishapur Complex Tour through two of the magnets of the Sassanid Archaeological Landscape (UNESCO) that lie near Shiraz. These 1700-year-old remains of the ancient capital and relief sculptures, Bishapur city and Tang-e Chogan, will fascinate you with the artistry of their creators. Also enjoy the nomadic theme of a traditional ecolodge that gives you a general introduction to the lifestyle of Qashqai Tribe.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees

    Meet us at your hotel in Shiraz and have a 140-kilometer road trip to the impressive remnants of the capital of Sassanid era: the ancient Bishapur (UNESCO heritage). Having discovered the mixture of Persian and Roman art in the ruins of the once lively capital, move on to the nearby historical valley to check out the fascinating rock reliefs of Tang-e Chogan (UNESCO).


    Then taste delicious local dishes in a traditional ecolodge while enjoying its cozy nomadic (Qashqai) atmosphere and the beauty of the surrounding nature. End your memorable exploration of the remnants of Sasanian Empire with a trip back to Shiraz.

    Optional: Like to check out an impressive historical cave? Then an hour of hiking will get you to Shapur Cave (UNESCO) and the giant statue of a Persian king inside.


    Value For Money

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