Cham Village and Taft Village Tour

An Exploration of the Long-Standing Coexistence of Zoroastrianism and Islam

Cham Village and Taft Village Tour

Yazd doesn’t concentrate all of its attractions inside the city; the historical and cultural magnets are also scattered in the lovely villages nearby. This one-day exploration will take you to Cham Village and Taft Village. These 2 places will not only challenge your perspective of Yazd as a dry desert, but will also give you a genuine perspective of Zoroastrianism and Persian desert architecture. Beside a walk through the green garden alleys, the architectural beauties of the desert, and the Zoroastrian history of the region, enjoy the warmth of a Garden Ecolodge. In the ecolodge, get a taste of Zoroastrian culture beside a Zoroastrian family.

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    Cham Village and Taft Village Tour

Meet us at your Yazd accommodation and have a short road trip toward Cham Village (20 km) to explore the Zoroastrian history of the region in its Fire Temple and Tower of Silence. Then make your way toward Taft (10 km), a village with a large Zoroastrian community. First visit the historical Sadri Garden with an elegant wind tower on top of its traditional Kushk (a building in the middle of the garden).


Then walk around the lovely garden alleys of the village and check out the iconic symbols of desert architecture on every corner: Badgirs (Wind Towers), Ab Anbars (Water Reservoirs), Asiab (Watermill), etc. Then pay a visit to one of Iran’s oldest cypress trees and explore the culture in Anthropology Museum of Taft. Finally, beside Zoroastrians, have an authentic experience of the warmth, traditions, lifestyle and cuisine of Zoroastrians in the Garden Ecolodge.


Hit the road back toward Yazd after dinner.


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