Cooking Class in Isfahan

Magical Spells of the Persian Kitchen

Cooking Class in Isfahan

€39 per person

Nothing is more enjoyable or genuine than home cooking, especially if it is beside a warm family of another culture! That’s why we’re going on a Culinary Tour in an Isfahani House! Isfahan, the city of glamorous Islamic art and architecture, is also the gate to a world of rich culture, and delicious food. Going through this gate, we’ll start our culinary adventure with a walk around the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan. After we’ve got all the fresh ingredients we need, we’ll start our Persian cooking class back in our host’s home. There, we’ll try our hands at being Iranian food chefs while a Persian lady is telling us the secrets of getting them right and a Persian mom is watching over everything. After the delightful experience, we’ll set the table for a family-style party and enjoy the super tasty five-course meal we’ve made.


    Value For Money

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