Journey into the Heart of Zoroastrianism

A Culture-lover’s Adventure through the Ancient Religion

Journey into the Heart of Zoroastrianism

Learn the secrets of one of the world’s oldest religions on this tour around Yazd. For so long, this historical city has been home to the largest community of Zoroastrians. This has left it with attractive treasures in and around it. In our 2-day tour, we’ll discover a wide range of Zoroastrian sites in Yazd and the villages around it. Also, we’ll spice up our adventure by a sweet exploration of Zoroastrian culture in a garden ecolodge in Taft Village. We’ll spend time with a Zoroastrian family, enjoy the beauties of their garden and engage in fun and enriching entertainments.

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    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees
    Day 1

    We’ll meet you up at your accommodation and begin our tour with an exploration in the Museum of Zoroastrians History and Culture. Then, we’ll check out the world’s longest-burning sacred fire in the Fire Temple of Yazd. After that, we’ll go to Asadan Castle (also known as Seti Pir Shrine) and listen to the interesting stories behind it. Our next destination will be Cham Village (about 17 km). There, we’ll discover the ancient religion’s secrets in Cham Tower of Silence and pay a visit to the village’s 3500-year-old cypress tree. Following that, we’ll head toward Taft Village. On our way there, we’ll meet the old Twin Cypresses of the lovely Mobarakeh Village (about 9 km). In Taft, we’ll visit the historical Taft Fire Temple before we make ourselves comfortable beside a Zoroastrian family. In their lovely garden ecolodge, we’ll be invited to a tasty lunch while talking about Zoroastrian culture. We’ll spend the rest of the day relaxing in the beautiful garden, giving a hand at cooking Zoroastrian delicacies, and listening to Zoroastrian stories.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Taft

    Day 2

    We’ll spend the second day of our adventure enjoying the interesting activities our hosts have planned for us! We can go on a fun walking or cycling exploration of the beauties of Taft’s lovely nature and garden alleys. Our other choice would be enjoying fun activities in the ecolodge garden. We’ll pick fruit from the trees, relax in the beautiful garden or play enjoyable games. Before noon, we’ll head back toward Yazd.


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