Kurdish Folk Music

Find the Mystic Spirit of Western Iran

Kurdish Folk Music

€44 per person

Calling all folk music lovers and culture enthusiasts! This one-day trip to the birthplace of the Kurd’s sacred musical instrument, Tanbur, was made for you! In Kermanshah’s adorable Dalahu village, uncover the beauties of Kurdish culture by being treated to a group Performance of Tanbur and giving yourself to its Kurdish spirit. With a ring of mythology and mysticism, this old instrument will take you to the joys, sorrows, praises and prayers it has recorded in its rich history. On this folk music adventure, get a ride from Kermanshah to Dalahu (about 105 km). There, pay a visit to the region’s oldest Tanbur making workshop and get to see how they make Tanbur. Then make your way toward a nice ecolodge, give yourself to the spiritual vibrations of a Tanbur performance by a group of locals. The lyrics of the pieces you’ll listen to are from Ferdowsi’s book of epic poems (the Book of Kings) and other top classical Persian poets. Finally, end your melodious tour with a ride back to Kermanshah.

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    Licensed and experienced tour guide
    Entrance fees
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    Value For Money

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