Payravan Kurdish Nomads Tour

A Mix and Match of Nomadic Life with Rural Delights

Payravan Kurdish Nomads Tour

Soak up the charms of Kurdish culture with a visit to Kurdish nomads and Kurdish villages. On this 2-day exploration of the Kurds of Kermanshah, you’ll get to taste the sweetness of their hospitality, simplicity, and nobility. You’ll find the rare and unspoiled lifestyle of Payravan nomads and enjoy the beauties of the mountainous nature they’ve chosen as home. Also, you’ll get a taste of the traditional life of Kurds in the villages of Dinevar Region. But that’s not all! The farms and fruit orchards of the region are there to enrich your nomadic adventure with pleasant rural delights.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced English-speaking local guide
  • Exclude
    Day 1

    In the morning, start your Kurdish adventure with a road trip from Kermanshah to Dinevar (around 95 km). In one of the region’s villages, you will be welcomed to an ecolodge run by a kind local family, have a tour around the village, get to know the local’s daily life, and watch local women create beautiful carpets. After a tasty local lunch, dress up like a Kurd and give the camera a big smile.

    Then have a 30-minute ride toward the mountains to find the lovely people who have preserved their original lifestyle: Payravan nomads. Beside them, you may find the sweet delights of nomadic life: living in nature, baking bread, milking cows, collecting eggs, or many others. At nighttime, enjoy gathering together in the peace of the mountain and listening to a nomad sing beautiful nomadic songs. End the day with a pleasant sleepover beside the nomads.

    Overnight: Camp beside the nomads

    Additional with surcharge: Like to get deeper into the local folklore? After lunch, the locals in Dinevar can treat you to a cheerful performance of Kurdish music and dance in the ecolodge.

    Day 2

    Rise and Shine! Start the day with a delicious nomadic breakfast before you say goodbye to your hosts and head back to the villages in Dinevar. There, experience the joys of rural life and get familiar with the lifestyle of farmers and gardeners. Also. depending on the season you are there, enjoy picking fruit from the beautiful cherry, grape, apple, peach or walnut orchards. Finally, end your Kurdish adventure with a ride back to Kermanshah.

    Additional Info: Occasional ceremonies that are celebrated with dance and music in the 2 villages in Dinevar are of the possible charms of the tour. With perfect timing, you can join a cheerful Kurdish-style Nowruz (Persian new year) ceremony in early spring, Kermanshahi Oil festival in June, or Tarkhineh (a local dish) festival in September. In Kermanshahi Oil Festival, you’ll see the whole process of making animal oil the traditional way. And in a Tarkhineh festival, you can watch the different steps of cooking this local dish with local products.


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