Local Life Tastes

Local Culture Animated in a Local House Near Shiraz

Local Life Tastes

A culture lover’s paradise would be embracing a combination of all the highlights of Persian folklore in the warmth and simple beauty of a traditional local house. Getting together in the charming traditional house with its classic blue fish pond, antique-looking adobe façade, and traditionally designed interior has its own appeals. Now combine the adorable atmosphere with the charms of local cuisine, dressing up in traditional clothing, baking local bread, and trying your hand at becoming a weaver of elegant Persian carpets. Join us in this fascinating 5-hour exploration of the local folklore of Fars Province for all the simple joys, deep insight and sweet memories it can offer you..

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    Local Life Tastes
Taste Local Herbal Drinks

The heavenly smell of the wild herbs of Fars mountains in the herbal drinks will refresh you and tranquilize your body and mind.

Experience Baking Fresh Local Bread

A traditional house would be missing something if the pleasant smell of fresh-baked bread doesn’t fill its rooms. The joy of baking local bread together with your hostess and then tasting it with your meal will forever bring a sweet smile to your face.

Enjoy a Meal with the Tastes of the Past

To simulate the tastes of the past and transfer you back in history, the local dishes will be cooked the way they were cooked by the locals way back in history. The unparalleled flavor of the natural and tasty dishes you’ll try in the charming traditional atmosphere is hardly found in any other restaurant and will make you fall in love with the local cuisine of Fars Province.

Note: If you notify us, fully vegetarian local dishes will also be among your options.

Try your Hand at Weaving Persian Carpets

The global reputation of the elegant art of the local women of Fars makes visiting its creation process a rewarding must-do. Get familiar with Iranian carpet weaving and see how the local women have been tieing all their love, joys, sorrows and hopes into the unique design of the carpet they create. Under the supervision of one of these local women, you can also try your hand at weaving with the naturally dyed wool and special tools that give soul to a Persian carpet.

Save Your Memories in Iranian Traditional Clothes.

You will look just gorgeous in the lively colors of the traditional clothes of major Iranian tribes. Enjoy the fun of turning yourself into a Turk, a Lur or a Kurd and save the sweet moment with cute pictures of your distinctive look.


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