The Roof of Shiraz

Shiraz From Up There: Where Culture is Beside You & Shiraz Under Your Feet

The Roof of Shiraz

€24 per person

The breathtaking elevated view of Shiraz, and the mystical ambiance of the city’s most popular lookout spots have together created a rare combination for those who seek something beyond the familiar beauties of the city of love. After a refreshing light climb up the stairs of the mountain surrounding Shiraz, either in the golden light of morning or in the warm colors of sunset, overlooking the city from either Gahvareh Did or Baba Kuhi will be pleasantly rewarding. Formerly a watchtower for protecting the city, Gahvareh Did offers the widest and most fascinating perspective of the city and the nearby mountains; and the mystical refuge near it, Morteza Ali Well, will make you feel a serene sense of peace. Baba Kuhi, on the other hand, will also offer an exploration through Sufism apart from the great view of the cityscape.

    Plan 1 : Baba Kuhi

    We’ll meet at your accommodation and accompany you to the foot of the most popular mountain with Shirazi people. With about 30-45 minutes of refreshing walk up the beautiful hiking route or the mountain stairs, you’ll find the sacred place that has sheltered reclusive mystics throughout history, including the domed burial place of Baba Kuhi, an old Sufi poet who traveled around in search of mystic knowledge. The gorgeous atmosphere that the tall trees surrounding a stone pond have created and the simple beauty of the Persian architecture of the Qajar-era rooms and the Iwan built there is impressive. Yet overlooking Shiraz and the lovely greenery from up there will be the most fascinating reward of the climb. After enjoying the top view of the city shining with the evening lights or in the golden light of the morning, make your way down to end the pleasant 3-4 hour adventure with a ride back to your accommodation.

    Plan 2 : Gahvare did

    We’ll meet at your accommodation and start a memorable 3-4 hour journey from the foot of the mountain where Shirazi people hang out the most. The further you go up towars the historic watchtower of Shiraz, the more you can enjoy the great scenery around you. After a pleasant 30 to 45-minute light hike, here you are at the point where guards used to stay up all night to protect their city, Gahvareh Did. From the Chahartaq (a structure of 4 vaults and a dome prominent in Sassanid Era) you can enjoy the widest view of the city of love and the surrounding greenery and mountains. Not far from the fascinating lookout point, there’s a mystical well that has been a retreat for the prayer and meditation of Sufis (a revered Sufi is also buried there), and a sacred place where people have been praying and lighting candles for their wishes to come true: Mortaz Ali Well. Going down the steep stairs into the dark mystery of the well that sounds mystical in the light of the candles feels like discovering a supernatural secret. Having enjoyed the beauty of the higher perspective of the city and the peace of a mystical refuge, you’ll head back down and get a ride to your accommodation.


    Value For Money

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