Mahan, Shahdad & Keshit Valley 2-Day Tour

Surprises of the Desert and Magnets of Culture

Mahan, Shahdad & Keshit Valley 2-Day Tour

Explore the miraculous nature, mystical culture, and paradisal architecture of the magnets near Kerman in 2 days. Find the beauties of Mahan’s 2 jewels: the paradisal Shazdeh Garden and the peaceful Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine. Spend the night beside the amazing Kaluts of Shahdad Desert. And enjoy an exciting hike through the amazing Keshit Valley in the heart of the desert and discover its beautiful pond. Your professional local guide will make sure you get a wide perspective of both nature and culture.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced guide
    Entrance fees
  • Exclude
    Optional activities (camel riding, sand boarding, etc.)


    Day 1

    Meet us at your Kerman accommodation and hit the road toward Mahan (around 37 km). At its Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine enjoy the architectural beauty of the burial place of this Persian Sufi master and poet. Also check out the elegant epitome of paradisal Persian gardens, the UNESCO-listed Shazdeh Garden. Then move on toward the favorite destination of desert lovers: the Kaluts of Shahdad. On your way there, Sirch Village (around 47 km) will challenge your view of desert villages, and Shafi Abad (around 61 km) will transport you back in history at Shafi Abad Caravanserai. Finally, move toward the Kaluts of Shahdad. Free your mind in the silence of the endless sand dunes and feel the amazing sense of the hot sand against your feet. Spend the rest of the day among the Kaluts and enjoy the starry sky of the desert with an unforgettable camping experience.

    Overnight: Camp among the Kaluts

    Meal: Dinner

    Day 2

    Open your eyes to lovely sunrise and the beauties of Shahdad Desert. Then, have a road trip toward Keshit Village to see a miracle of the desert. Wouldn’t a valley with water flowing down its mossy walls sound like a mirage in the middle of the desert? It sure does, but that’s where you’ll be hiking to: the incredible Keshit Valley and Waterfall (the duration of the hike depends on your preference and physical capability). Finally, end your desert adventures with a ride back to Kerman (around 172 km).

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch


    Value For Money

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