Tasu’a & Ashura Mourning near Isfahan

The Heart and Soul of Shia Islam

Tasu’a & Ashura Mourning near Isfahan

Like to be a part of an impressive religious ceremony? Then this tour is made for you! Every year, Shia Muslims around the world honor the glorious self-sacrifice of their 3rd Imam. With black clothing, singing, use of musical instruments, chest or shoulder beating, or Nazri food (sacred food distributed among mourners) seen on every corner, Tasu’a and Ashura (the 9th and 10th days of Muharram) are the climax of Muharram mourning ceremonies. Khansar, a town near Isfahan, leads the way in Isfahan Province with its impressive mourning ceremonies. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Khansari people during these 2 days will be a genuine experience in the heart of Islamic culture. Also, since the sites of Isfahan are closed during these two days, our tour will give us the best chance to lose ourselves in the local culture.

On the morning of the first day of our 2-day tour, we’ll meet up in Isfahan and head toward Khansar (160km). After meeting our hosts and getting settled in our ecolodge or local house, we’ll start our exploration through religious culture and the lovely nature of the town. With a warm local family by our side, we’ll join the religious ceremonies. Besides, we’ll go to Nazri-cooking gatherings, get to know the local people, check out the old bazaar and have a walk around the surrounding mountains or the garden alleys. Finally, a ride back to Isfahan in the afternoon of Ashura day (second day) will bring an end to our in-depth exploration.

Note: The date of Tasu’a and Ashura days shifts on the international Gregorian calendar each year. So, you need to check the date with us in advance. Ashura Day was on August 30 in 2020 and will be on August 18 in 2021.

What We Will Experience:

  • Discovering the special and glorious Muharram ceremonies of Khansar
  • Getting insight into the unique aspects of the local culture
  • Tasting Nazri food and the popular kebab of Khansar
  • If possible, seeing a Ta’zieh performance (theatrical reenactment of the event)
  • Enjoying the lovely nature of Khansar
  • Tasting the first-rate honey of Khansar


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