Persian Music Experience

The Echoes of Persian Culture

Persian Music Experience

€38 per person

Let the uniting language of the world, music, unit you with the depth of an ancient land! A Persian music tour in Shiraz, the capital of Persian culture, would be like finding a window into the heart of Persian culture. On this few-hour tour, discover Persian instruments, hear stories of Persian literature, enjoy the cheer of a folk dance, and lend your ears to live performances of Persian traditional music (which drowns you in its spirituality and mysticism) and Iranian folk music (which makes you swing to its cheer).

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    Persian Music Experience
Welcoming drink

The musical event will start with meeting the artists and being traditionally welcomed with a refreshing welcome drink on arrival. Chosen from a wide range of traditional Sherbets (cold herbal drinks), these functional beverages smell like heaven and health.

Introduction to various instruments

It’s not just the unique melodies that give Persian music its distinct quality, it is the passionate sound of traditional Iranian instruments that expresses the inexpressible and heals you down. Being introduced to the instruments and letting their magic enchant your soul will make you fall in love with Persian music. You may even hold any of the beauties in your hands and have your first effort at becoming a world-class player of Persian instruments.

The story behind the songs

What amplifies the charm of each song is the historical secrets, the captivating stories and all the human feelings integrated into it. Listening to lyrics interpretations and traveling deep into Persian stories of love, divinity, morality, joy and sorrow will make you more familiar with Persian literature and culture.

Folk music live performance

Beautifully embracing more than 20 ethnicities has blessed Iran with a rich variety of folklore and folk music. Please your ears with the cheer in the rhythm and the passion of the performers singing in the different dialects and languages spoken in Iran.


Trying Shiraz’s special treat, Faloodeh, will be a sweet side dish to the musical event. Commonly served with rose water and lime juice, the taste of this cold dessert will become a piece of the Iranian jigsaw puzzle in your memory.

Local Dance

Of the perks of accompanying talented artists is that you’ll be treated to an energetic local dance and an upbeat local song. Whether a hand-holding Kurdish dance, a Qashqai one with movement of a piece of cloth or any other kind of local dance, the performance will give you a taste of joyous local ceremonies.


Value For Money

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