Night Gathering with a Shirazi Family

“There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet” W.B. Yeats

Night Gathering with a Shirazi Family

€26 per person

If you want to take your discovery of Persian culture to a deeper level, enjoying an Iranian feast with a Shirazi family is the way to do it. The diversity of lifestyle, climate and ethnicity as well as thousands of years of close contact with other nations have enriched Iranian cuisine with a pleasant diversity of ingredients, tastes and aromas and its local cuisine with something special to offer.  But the magical ingredient of Persian gastronomy has nothing to do with its unique combination of seasonings and its distinctive ingredients; it is Iranian hospitality and their belief of “guests are from God” that has made eating with an Iranian family so pleasantly memorable. On this tour, we’re offering you an authentic experience of the warmth and culinary delights of a Persian style dinner party with a friendly Iranian family.

Note: Let us know about the diet you’re following (low-fat, vegan, vegetarian or whatever) so that we can meet your needs.

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    Night Gathering with a Shirazi Family
Welcoming drink

The broad smiles and warm welcome of your hospitable hosts will make you feel at home from the very moment you arrive. As is customary in any house in Iran, the hosts will serve you with a refreshing welcome drink on arrival. Chosen from a wide range of traditional Sherbets (cold herbal drinks), these functional beverages smell like heaven and health.


Bridging the cultural gaps with a friendly chat over a colorful table of homemade Iranian delicacies will give you the genuine perspective into the real Iran. Taste the finger licking Torshi (pickles) and Shirazi Salad and fall in love with the super popular bowls of Aush (thick soup) and stew (you’ll go nuts for Ghorme Sabzi and Fesenjoon). Your mindset of the world’s true lovers of rice will change when you see all the colorful plates of polo (rice) and Tah Chin (rice cake) set before you. The superb specialties of Iranian kitchen like local herbs, saffron, figs, pistachios, dried lime and pomegranate molasses will make you never want to leave. Have a sweet tooth? You’re also in for Halva (traditional desserts) that melt in your mouth. A vegetable lover? You’ll be surprised to see simple dishes of fresh herbs at every Iranian table. Special treat? If possible, Ab Baneh: a fully organic dish made from the wild pistachios of Pistacia Atlantica trees that naturally grow on mountains with no footprint of modern chemicals.

Secrets of Persian Kitchen

The taste of some Persian treats can make you become crazy about them and want to cook them for yourself or your friends back at home. If so, the host/hostess will be glad to share some of the secrets of the Persian kitchen with you.

Iranian night gathering

The third round of the soirée will be a nice conversation with your warm hosts, but the life and soul of the night gathering will be listening to them telling you tales from Persian literature and folklore. The pleasant smell of Iranian tea, the distinctive taste of Iranian sweets, the freshness of Iranian seasonal fruit and the salt of Iranian cocktail nuts will definitely spice things up.

Hospitality rituals and customs

The firsthand experience of hanging out with your hospitable hosts will shed light on the general Iranian table manners and distinctive customs, and the sweetness of their kindness and generosity will brighten the night up. The Iranians’ sometimes funny art of etiquette, ‘Taarof’, might confuse you at first, but spending more time with them will make you understand the graciousness and hospitality that lie in the heart of this traditional custom.


Value For Money

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