10-Day Tour of Iran: On the Tourist Radar

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10-Day Tour of Iran: On the Tourist Radar

Walk through thousands of years of history and culture on this 10-Day Tour of Iran. Find the treasures of the top museums and palaces of Tehran, fall in love with the gorgeous attractions of Shiraz, discover the Zoroastrian relics and desert architecture of Yazd, and let Isfahan charm you with the precious relics of its golden era.  A visit to the town of Kashan will also spice up your cultural adventure with architectural charms.

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    Day 1: Arrival in Tehran
    Welcome to Iran, the country of ancient history and culture! Get transferred from Imam Khomeini Airport of Tehran to your accommodation.

    Overnight: Tehran

    Optional: In the evening, you can discover the nights of the capital with a Tehran Night Walk

    Day 2: Tehran
    Dedicate this day to Iran’s top museums and museum palaces. Find the beauties of the fancy Golestan Palace (UNESCO Heritage), the precious relics of the National Museum of Iran, the beautiful glassware and ceramic in Abgineh Museum of Tehran, and the world-acclaimed Persian carpets in the Carpet Museum of Tehran.

    Overnight: Tehran

    Day 3: Tehran- Isfahan
    Today, hit the road from Tehran to find the historical town of Isfahan (around 440 km), the hub of Iran's masterpieces of Islamic architecture. In Isfahan, discover the atmospheric Armenian quarter of Isfahan, Jolfa, and its gorgeous 17th century Vank Cathedral.

    Overnight: Isfahan

    Day 4: Isfahan
    Today, the well-known highlights of Isfahan expect you with their admired beauty. Visit the UNESCO-listed Naqshe-e Jahan Square (including Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah Mosque, Ali Qapu palace, Qeysarie Gate and the Grand Bazaar). And, check out the elegant architecture of Chehel Sotoun Palace (UNESCO heritage). Nearby, discover Persian music and instruments and enjoy a live performance of Iranian music at the Music Museum of Isfahan. Finally, enjoy the beauties of the nights of Isfahan and get familiar with the local lifestyle by a walk around the historic bridge of the city: Si-O-Se-Pol.

    Overnight: Isfahan

    Day 5: Isfahan- Shiraz
    Get an attraction-packed ride from Isfahan to Shiraz (around 481 km). On your way, pay a visit to Cyrus the Great’s burial place at the remains of his Pasargadae (UNESCO-listed Persian Garden). At lunchtime, enjoy unique local dishes at a traditional ecolodge. Then, continue your way toward Shiraz.

    Overnight: Shiraz

    Day 6: Shiraz
    Today is the day of the adorable aura and the lovely attractions of Shiraz. Begin the day with the colorful dance of colors in the photogenic Nasir-ol-molk Mosque  (also known as the Pink Mosque), then move on to check out the elegance of the historical house of aristocrats, Qavam House. After that, the impressive relics of Zand Dynasty will expect you at the historical Vakil Complex (including the Bazaar and the Mosque). In the afternoon, enjoy a walk at the historic Eram Garden (UNESCO-listed Persian Garden). End the day with enjoying the romantic atmosphere of the burial place of one of Iran’s top Sufi poets: the Tomb of Hafez.

    Overnight: Shiraz

    Optional 1: In the evening, you can enjoy the rare experience of a Night Gathering with a Shirazi Family. Being guests to one of the world’s most hospitable nations, enjoying homemade meals cooked with love, and discovering Persian customs in the warmth of an Iranian family is just unforgettable!Duration: 2-4 hoursOptional 2: Stop by Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere and the Islamic mystical architecture.
    Day 7: Shiraz- Yazd
    Get an attraction-packed ride from Shiraz to Yazd (around 440 km). On your way, pay a visit to Iran’s most treasured ancient relics and the 2500-year-old mementos of its golden era: Persepolis (UNESCO) and Naqsh-e Rostam Necropolis. Then continue to Yazd.

    Overnight: Yazd

    Day 8: Yazd
    Welcome to the city of wind towers and Zoroastrian relics. The historic city of Yazd treats you to its unique desert architecture and Zoroastrian sites. Dedicate the day exploring the beauties of the iconic Amir Chakhmaq Square, discovering the hidden world of Persian waterways in one of Iran’s top water museums: Yazd Water Museum, and getting familiar with Persian heroic rituals (intangible UNESCO heritage) at a Zurkhaneh (ancient Iranian sport club). Also, enjoy the peaceful Fire Temple of Yazd where a sacred flame has been burning for more than 1500 years, get introduced to Zoroastrians burial rituals at the Towers of Silence, and find the world’s tallest wind tower among the other charming spectacles of Dolat Abad Garden (UNESCO-listed Persian Garden).

    Overnight: Yazd

    Optional: In the evening, enjoy a unique dinner beside a Zoroastrian Family and explore Zoroastrian culture and lifestyle. This ancient Persian belief, which has influenced cultures beyond Iran’s borders, has its majority of followers in Yazd and its surrounding villages.Duration: 2-3 hours
    Day 9: Yazd- Kashan
    Have a road trip from Yazd to Kashan. On your way there, stop by the historical charms of Meybod (around 269 km).  Your stop there will bring you to the rare architecture of its historical Pigeon Tower! Also visit Shah Abbasi Caravanserai and the historical Icehouse of Meybod. Then, continue toward Kashan (around 56 km).

    Overnight: Kashan

    Optional: Beside your city tour, you can explore the interesting secrets of Qanat system (Persian ancient water system) at a UNESCO-listed Qanat.Duration: 1-2 Hours
    Day 10: Kashan- Tehran
    Find the finest examples of traditional Persian architecture at the highlights of Kashan. Start with the fascinating houses of aristocratic families: Tabatabaei House and Borujerdi House. Also, find the intricate beauty of the historically significant Fin Garden (UNESCO-listed Persian Garden). Finally, get a ride from Kashan to Tehran (around 250 km). 


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