Persian Handicraft Secrets Tour

An Adventurer’s Journey Through Persian Art

Persian Handicraft Secrets Tour

An art lover? Then you must be curious about how precious Persian handicrafts are made! The good news is that we’re taking you on a tour around the handicraft bazaar of Isfahan (part of the UNESCO-listed Naqsh-e Jahan Square)! Each piece of Persian art tells us stories of thousands of years of culture, and Isfahan has been the capital of this art-loving civilization for so long. Seeing the creation process of these pieces is as pleasant as seeing the beauty of the finished work. So we’re going to stop by a few workshops, meet the artists who put all their passion into the piece they’re creating, and shop for the bests we can find in the bazaar. On our artistic adventure, we’ll check out a Firoozeh Koobi (turquoise inlaying) Workshop, a Mesgari (copperware) workshop, a Khatamkari (Persian inlaid) Workshop, and a Minakaari (metal enameling) Workshop. Finally, our beautiful exploration comes to an end with a visit to a traditional teahouse.

What We Will Experience:

  • A Guided shopping in Isfahan’s center of handicrafts
  • Seeing the creation process of the artworks up close in a workshop
  • Getting familiar with 4 traditional Iranian arts
  • Hanging out with Iranian artists


    Value For Money

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