Persian Night Gathering in Yazd

The Tastes and Melodies of Persian Nights

Persian Night Gathering in Yazd

This is an invitation to a Shabneshini in Yazd! What is a Shabneshini?! Imagine a winter night with all your loved ones gathered together around a Korsi (a short table that’s warmed with a heater underneath), covering your cold feet under the velvet blanket that covers the table. The table is filled with Iranian snacks (like nuts, and dried fruit) and a teapot of Persian brewed tea also sits on a corner. The night is filled with storytelling, poetry, and customs. Plus, a nice performance of Persian classical music spices up the night with pleasant melodies. What you pictured is a Shabneshini, a traditional Iranian night gathering. It is a long-standing tradition that shows a Persian’s love for family and culture. On this tour, our hosts have tried their best to give us a taste of this tradition and get us to the beautiful roots of Persian culture.

What you’ll experience:

  • Being greeted to a traditional house with a glass of traditional Sherbet (cold herbal drink).
  • Enjoy a live performance of Persian classical music
  • Listening to a nice Persian love story
  • Be served with fresh-baked Yazdi cake and a cup of bitter orange blossom tea over a friendly chat over Persian culture
  • Enjoying a three-course traditional meal


    Value For Money

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