Pottery Experience in Persia

In Touch With the Persian Spirit of Clay

Pottery Experience in Persia

€27 per person

Taking beautifully painted clayware home as Persian treasures is nice, but getting to see the workshop where they’re made with love and enjoying the touch of your hands against the clay to create one yourself will be artistically, culturally and historically enriching. Apart from being an ancient practical craft and a way of expressing art and culture, pottery has had symbolic significance for Persians- symbols that are widely found in Persian literature. Joining us for a few hours of creating life out of the formless clay in the peace of a workshop that creates adorable earthenware with love and devotion will be the experience that you’ll always remember with a sweet smile on your face. Watch how the warmth of the craftsman’s hands gives shape to the shapeless clay, enjoy creating a pot on the potter’s wheel yourself, and maybe even take your work of art home as a souvenir.

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    Pottery Experience in Persia
Learn about the History and Philosophy of Persian pottery

In the warmth of the adorable workshop, you’ll get to learn how Persian pottery and its techniques and designs are a reflection of Persian culture and 10’000 years of history.

Be the Potter of Your Own Pot

The most enjoyable part of the tour will be the serenity that giving shape to the shapeless clay presents you. The pleasure of touching and kneading the flexible clay, practicing the craft of ancient artists, creating your own pottery work and discovering the magic of the charming art will integrate into your soul. Working with the potter’s wheel (both unmotorized and motorized) under the kind instructions of its dedicated craftsmen is a fun part of the experience.

Check Out the Artworks Made from Generosity of the Earth

The workshop is also a gallery of lovely artworks that are each created with imagination, originality and a backdrop story or philosophy. This creates a great opportunity for buying unique pieces of art as souvenirs.


Value For Money

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