Qashqai Nomads & Sassanid Heritage 2-Day Tour

Ancient History and a Distinctive Lifestyle are yours to Discover

Qashqai Nomads & Sassanid Heritage 2-Day Tour

Let Sassanid history and Nomadic culture broaden your horizons to Iran if you are in Shiraz in fall and winter. This 2-day shortcut to a deep understanding of Iran will first bring you to the 1800-year-old world of Sassanian Empire in its Palace of Ardashir and Qaleh Dokhtar. The other world you’ll set foot in is a world of nomadic survival in the midst of all the bustle of modern world. These Qashqai Nomads have kept their modest lifestyle and folklore alive, moved from place to place, lived on their herd and wild plants and overcome countless difficulties throughout history.  Meeting them, tasting their healthy food, sleeping in their tents and becoming a shepherd to their sheep will leave you with the sweetest of memories.

Note: You can join us on this tour from around September to March.

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    Qashqai Nomads & Sassanid Heritage 2-Day Tour
Day 1

Meet us up at your hotel in Shiraz and have a 105-kilometer road trip toward the impressive Palace of Ardashir (UNESCO heritage). Take a walk in the 1800-year-old palace and check out the remains of its grand domes and high Iwans (arch).

Then make your way toward another of the earliest treasures of the founder of Sasanian Empire, the UNESCO-listed Qaleh Dokhtar (The Maiden Castle). The ruined fortress and its still elegant gateway, tower, halls, arches and domes are now accessible through a stone staircase (30 minutes of stair climbing).

Looking forward to discovering the charms of authentic nomadic life? Move on to find your Qashqai hosts living their simple lives in nature. Begin your exploration of their lovely lifestyle until lunchtime when they serve you with delicious local dishes cooked on fire. Luck may have it that you get to see the nomads collect eggs, milk cows, churn Mashk, spin wool, sing, weave, make fire and cook.

Then have some time to enjoy the peace of the surrounding nature and the intact culture of these unpretentious people. At sunset, see one of the beauties of pastoral life: the sweet moment when the little lambs that have stayed in the stable for the whole day rush to reunite with their mothers that have returned from their graze.

In the peace of the night, enjoy the warmth of a friendly gathering around a cozy campfire while listening to the nomads tell you tales of pastoral life. Spending the night under the protection of nomadic tents or even camping next to them will be the sweet experience of a lifetime. Sleep tight!

Overnight: Tent

Meals: Lunch and Dinner
Day 2

Waking up to the lovely nature, intact lifestyle and cute song of the animals will cheer you up for the whole day.

Fill up on a tasty local breakfast and fresh-baked bread because you’re going to be a shepherd today! Kiss the gentle lambs goodbye and join the shepherd and his sheep on a hiking adventure in the surrounding nature.

Get back to your hosts’ camp for a local lunch cooked with love and head back to Shiraz with a new found love for the freedom of nomadic life.

Meals: Breakfast and Lunch


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