Rayen Castle, Mahan & Shahdad Desert 2-Day Tour

From Long-Standing Civilization to the Land of Sand

Rayen Castle, Mahan & Shahdad Desert 2-Day Tour

€117 per person

Spend an amazing night under the sparkling sky of Shahdad Desert, wander through the sandy hills, and explore the popular hits of the history, culture and architecture in Kerman Province. Visit Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO) and Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine in Mahan and Rayen Castle in Rayen. Knowing the region like the back of his/her hand, your professional local guide will make sure you get a wide perspective of the beauties of both the nature and the culture on this 2-day tour.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced guide
    Entrance fees
  • Exclude
    Optional activities (camel riding, sand boarding, etc.)
    Day 1
    Accept the warm welcome of Kerman’s morning sun! Off we go from your Kerman accommodation toward one of Iran's largest adobe castles, Rayen Castle (104km). Throughout history, the splendid architecture of the castle has made it proudly stand up against the attacks of rulers and natural disasters. Then a 72-kilometer ride brings you to Mahan. At its Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine enjoy the architectural beauty of the burial place of this Persian Sufi master and poet. Also have a ride toward the elegant epitome of paradisal Persian gardens, the UNESCO-listed Shazdeh Garden.Have another short ride (50 kilometers) through the beautiful desert to pay a visit to the 1000-year old cypress tree in Sirch Village, an oasis that contrasts its surrounding hot desert with its cool pleasant weather and the lovely view of its many trees. On route to Shafi Abad Village, stop by to see one of the world’s tallest kinds of Nebkas, trees fostered by the Lut. Then move on to catch a sight of the splendid mud-brick facade of Shafi Abad Caravanserai, a historical caravanserai built in the heart of desert as a refuge for travelers.Looking forward to finally seeing the popular destination of desert lovers? Hit the desert again and here you are at the Kaluts of Shahdad. Before the Lut Desert makes you fall in love with its brilliant nights, the outline of the Kaluts against the sky will bless you with an incredible view of the sunset. The great pleasure of camping in the silent peace of the desert and under the starry sky of the Lut would be the experience of a lifetime. Sleep tight!
    Overnight: Camp in Shahdad Desert
    Meal: Dinner
    Day 2
    The taste of opening your eyes to the lovely morning of the desert and seeing the supernatural beauty of the constantly changing sandy towers is indescribable. Enjoy the pleasure of walking in the middle of endless desert and feel the amazing sense of the hot sand against your feet and free your mind in the silence of the desert. You can also choose to have an adrenaline-pumping off-road instead. After having taken breathtaking sandy photos, head back toward Kerman before lunchtime.
    Meal: Breakfast