Tour To the North of Sistan and Baluchestan

A Venture into the Hidden Side of Iran

Tour To the North of Sistan and Baluchestan

€112 per person

Discover a different side of Persian history on an off the beaten track experience in the less-seen southeast of Iran, Sistan and Baluchestan Province. On this 2-day tour around Zahedan and the hits of the northern section of the province, home to Sistani people, you’ll experience a bit of everything: history, culture, nature and people. Travel 5000 years back in time in the mysterious Shahr-i Sokhta (UNESCO World Heritage), find an ancient city, historical castles and traditional villages, get in touch with the sweet people of Sistan and explore their untouched culture.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees
    Day 1: Zahedan- Zabol

    We’ll meet up in Zahedan and hit the road toward Zabol. On our way there, we’ll stop by the ruins of a historical citadel: Rostam Castle (about 160 km). Then, we’ll make our way toward the 5000-year-old remains of an ancient Persian civilization. Before checking out the UNESCO-listed Shahr-i Sokhta (about 22 km), we’ll explore the precious treasures of Shahr-i Sokhta Museum to get a better view of the sites we visit today. In the afternoon, we’ll discover a historical castle on Mount Khajeh (about 70 km).

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Zabol
    Day 2: Zabol- Qaleh Now Village- Zahedan

    We’ll dedicate this morning to the unique culture of Sistan. To do so, we’ll first visit Zabol Museum of Anthropology. After this exploration, we’ll get directly in touch with Sistani people, their clothing and their culture with a walk through Zabol Traditional Market. In the afternoon, we’ll have a road trip (about 35 km) toward the 1200-year-old Qaleh Now Village. We’ll have a walk through the lovely traditional architecture of the adobe village. Then a short ride takes us to Dahan-e Gholaman, a lesser-known city of the great Achaemenid Empire. Having visited the ruins of this ancient site, we’ll head out toward Chah Nimeh-ye Chaharom (about 5 km) to enjoy the scenic view of the lagoons. From there, hit the road back to Zahedan (about 240 km).

    Overnight: Zahedan


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