The Glories of Ancient Persia: Day Tour from Ahvaz

Susa, Chogha Zanbil & Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

The Glories of Ancient Persia: Day Tour from Ahvaz

Capture the essence of ancient Persia on a 1-Day Tour of the historical gems near Ahvaz. Walk around the remains of the ancient city of Susa (UNESCO world heritage) and the other attractions of Shush. Travel 5000 years back into history in the ancient ziggurat of Chogha Zanbil (UNESCO world heritage). And take in the beauty and brilliance of Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System (UNESCO world heritage).

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees
    We’ll meet up in Ahvaz in the morning and get a ride toward Shush (around 93 km). There, we’ll lose ourselves in the precious pieces of the ancient city of Susa (UNESCO). We’ll discover the remains of Apadana Palace and Ardeshir Palace, check out the historical Shush Castle, and find the priceless relics of Susa Museum. Then the architectural beauties of a biblical prophet expect you in the Tomb of Daniel. Following that, our guide will bring ancient Persian to life in Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat (around 44 km). Another short ride (around 45 km) will bring us to the 2500-year-old Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System. Impressed by the ingenuity and beauty of this ancient complex, we’ll hit the road back to Ahvaz (around 97 km).


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