The Kurdish West: Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Hawraman & Rural Delights

A Journey Through the Kurdish Side of the Country

The Kurdish West: Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Hawraman & Rural Delights

On the fabulous mountains of western Iran, gorgeous terraced villages, adorable Kurdish people, and nice mountainous sceneries are expecting you! On this 7-day journey through parts of Kermanshah and Kurdistan Province, you’ll meet Kurdish people as one of the oldest ethnic groups in Iran and delight in the way they have been living in harmony with the beautiful nature around them. This adventure will bring you in touch with these noble people and show you why they have been known as one of the most hospitable people of Iran. Moving from one Kurdish village to another, witness how unique the architecture, lifestyle and customs of each village are. In the lovely villages, delight in the rural daily life, get a genuine perspective of the Kurdish folklore, fall in love with Kurdish melodies, and enjoy the beauties of nature.

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    Day 1: Kermanshah to Palangan

    Welcome to the Kurdish side of Iran. Meet us in Kermanshah and start your cultural adventure with a visit to a treasured relic of Sassanid period: Taq-e Bostan Complex. Then, beside checking out parts of a historical bazaar, let Tekiye Moaven Al Molk charm you with its gorgeous religious architecture. In the afternoon, hit the road toward a hidden jewel near Kermanshah: Palangan Village. Take a walk around the terraced village, explore the natives’ traditional lifestyle and spend the night there.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Palangan

    Day 2: Palangan to Mariwan (85km)

    Start the day with a ride from Palangan to Mariwan (around 85 km). Near Mariwan, enjoy a visit to Darreh Tefi Village: a hospitable host to storks. Also walk around Iran’s largest fresh water city lake: the beautiful Zarivar Lake. Finally, end today’s adventure with watching the sunset on top of the Roof of Mariwan.

    Overnight: Hotel in Mariwan

    Note: If you visit Darreh Tefi Village from around mid-April to mid-November, you can enjoy the company of the storks.

    Day 3: Mariwan-Uraman- Hajij

    First thing in the morning, have a road trip from Mariwan to the amazing Uramanat (around 62 km). Beside walking around the charming Hawraman Takht Village, pay a visit to the Tomb of Pir Shalyar. Listen to its lovely story and learn about the annual festival the villagers hold there (if you like to take part in the festival, let us know). In the afternoon, make your way toward Hajij Village (about 36 km). Enjoy some time beside the picturesque Sirwan River and the beautiful lake Daryan Dam has created. Also check out the nice terraced plan of Hajij, find its beautiful Bel Spring and discover its gorgeous religious retreats.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Hajij

    Day 4: Hajij- Sharekan- Daryan

    Say goodbye to the adorable Hajij and head toward another lovely village in the amazing Uramanat: Sharekan (around 40 km). Discover Sharekan’s traditional lifestyle, scenic waterfall and ancient plane tree. In the village’s ecolodge, listen to the folk stories of the region and taste the delicious local bread. In the afternoon, make your way toward the beautiful Daryan Village (around 45 km). Walk around the lovely village, discover its traditional atmosphere, and in its gorgeous ecolodge, taste the mouth-watering local delicacies.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Daryan
    Day 5: Daryan to Satyari (51km)

    Start the day with a short trip from Daryan to Paveh. Stop by Paveh, one of Iran’s largest terraced cities, to enjoy the impressive cityscape. Then Quri Qala Cave (around 28 km) will fascinate you with its chambers, crystals, waterfalls and stalactites. After your exploration through the cave, make your way toward the beautiful Satyari Village (around 31 km). In the ecolodge in Satyari, be a guest to a sweet Kurdish family, get deeper in touch with Kurdish lifestyle, and dress up like a Kurd. Also, let a local treat you to a touching performance of a local song. In the afternoon, enjoy a tour around the traditional village.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Satyari
    Day 6: Satyari to Dalahoo (160km)

    Leave the beauties of Satyari and Uramanat region behind to discover yet another amazing Kurdish region: Dalahoo (about 160 km). In Dalahoo, give more depth to your adventure with folk music and local food. Fall in love with the region’s sacred musical instrument: Tanbur. Drown in the spiritual sound of tanbur, enjoy a live performance, and get familiar with its different Maqams (modes). Then, enjoy a walk around the village and check out its knife-making workshops.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Dalahoo
    Day 7: Dalahoo to Kermanshah (111km)
    End your discovery of the Kurdish side of Iran with a ride back to Kermanshah (around 111 km) and a new-found love for the sweet Kurdish culture.


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