Tour of the TOP Museums of Tehran

A Culture-lover’s Adventure in the Capital

Tour of the TOP Museums of Tehran

Have a thirst for royal treasures, rich culture and ancient history? Then this tour of the top museums of Tehran is for you! Beside a professional guide who shares with you his wide knowledge of Persian history and culture, you’ll first check out the refined luxuries of Golestan Palace (UNESCO heritage) and the priceless treasures of the National Museum of Iran (Open from Saturday to Tuesday. On other days, please your eyes with the beautiful glassware and ceramic in Glass and Ceramic Museum of Tehran instead). At lunchtime, you’ll enjoy a tasty Persian dish at a cozy restaurant that brings the atmosphere of old Tehran into life. As the last piece of your adventure, you’ll discover the breathtaking collection of the National Jewelry Treasury.

What We Will Experience:

  • Skipping the hassle of finding a guide
  • Having a guide who passionately answers to all of your questions
  • Visiting Golestan Palace, the National Museum of Iran, Glass and Ceramic Museum, and the National Jewelry Treasury as rich representatives of Persian history and culture
  • Visiting Iran’s first museum (a part of Golestan Palace)
  • Getting introduced to the royal treasures of the capital


    Value For Money

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