Walking Tour in Isfahan

Old Tales Around 'Half of the World'

Walking Tour in Isfahan

€34 per person

Isfahan is sure to hypnotize you, but it pays to enjoy the company of a storyteller who brings you to the heart of it! On this walking tour through the architectural masterpieces around the city’s world-known Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO heritage), you’ll go back in time to the golden days of 16th century Isfahan. Your guide will tell you stories of history and the secrets of the Safavid architecture that shines in the city and attracts visitors from all around the world year in and year out. After showing you Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace, your guide will lead you through the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan. Having a local by your side will be your key to the hard-to-find secrets of the vibrant bazaar. You’ll then enjoy a tasty lunch at a nice restaurant in the bazaar and check out the beauties of Jameh Mosque of Isfahan.

What You Will Experience:

  • Visiting UNESCO world heritages
  •  Checking out Shah Mosque as the most important sight of the Islamic period of Iran
  • Having a local guide who knows the area very well and can show us the hidden charms and where to get the best deals
  • Checking out a wide variety of shops in the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan
  • Finding a variety of delicate Isfahani handicrafts


    Value For Money

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