Zahedan City Tour

A Window to the Southeastern Secrets

Zahedan City Tour

The people of Sistan and Baluchestan Province (in southeast Iran) are the heart and soul of their less-discovered land! Joining us on a one-day discovery of the sweet culture and unique lifestyle of the central part of the province, Zahedan, will be a door that leads you to this off-the-beaten-path side of Iran. Check out Zahedan’s top museums and bazaars, find gorgeous handicrafts, and let it surprise you with an Indian neighborhood in the heart of it.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees

    We’ll meet up in Zahedan and begin our cultural adventure with a visit to Zahedan Museum. After checking out the museum’s historical, cultural and artistic treasures, visit the Post and Telecommunication Museum of Zahedan nearby. Then, enjoy a walk through the Traditional Bazaar of Zahedan, explore the unique local lifestyle, and shop for gorgeous handicrafts. After that, get impressed by discovering a piece of India in Iran: the Indian Neighborhood of Zahendan.  Finally, lose yourself in the colorful shops of Rasouli Market, shop for local spices or even tropical fruit if they’re in season.

    Optional: Like to watch a Traditional Baloch Stick Dance? Let us know and we’ll make the arrangements for you.


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