Credit Cards in Iran – Can you use VISA/Mastercard in Iran?

Are Credit Cards Accepted in Iran? Find the Answer and Get More Travel Tips
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18 Feb

Credit Cards in Iran – Can you use VISA/Mastercard in Iran?

Thinking of visiting Iran and wondering if you could use your credit cards in Iran? The answer is that unfortunately you can’t, but there’s always a solution. Although Iran is not connected to the international banking system and you can’t enjoy the convenience of using your Visa card, MasterCard or any other major credit card in Iran, there are two choices you could go with.

Carry Cash Instead of Credit Cards in Iran

Yes, this might not be the best solution, but it is nevertheless one of your options. Yes, the whole picture of making cash payments in a foreign country might sound hassle-some and not as safe. And it really is! That’s why the next option is the better choice.

Getting a Tourist Debit Card

Iran pre-paid tourist debit cards are the best solution for Iran’s lack of access to the international credit card networks. These Iranian tourist bank cards can be used in all stores that have POS devices (which means almost all of them). You can also receive a limited amount of cash from the ATMs of the bank that issues the card.

How To Get An Iranian Tourist Bank Card

As a solution to the lack of access to credit cards in Iran, if you’re traveling with us, we will provide you with one of these Iran debit cards. We can charge the card for you. Or you can charge it through PayPal (including a 7% commission). It can be charged up to 10’000 €, takes 2 working days to be issued, and will be delivered to your hotel in Tehran. What remains in your card will be transferred back to your PayPal in 7 to 10 working days.

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