Hamrahe Aval Sim Card, Internet Package Code & Services

A Complete Manual for Hamrah Aval SIM Card Users
Hamrahe Aval services
11 Nov

Hamrahe Aval Sim Card, Internet Package Code & Services

Mobile Communication Company of Iran (so-called MCI) is the first and one of the largest network operators in Iran. Iranians are familiar with this company’s brand name, “Hamrahe Aval“. If you’re currently in Iran, or you have Iran on your visit list, Hamrahe Aval might be a handy choice as a network operator. Today we are going to introduce some of the Hamrahe Aval services for your rainy days.

Hamrahe Aval (MCI)

As soon as you enter a new country, you want to inform your family that you had a safe flight. Therefore, you first need to know where to buy a SIM card. As a matter of fact, “tourist” prepaid hamrahe aval SIM cards are the most qualified offers for tourists. You can buy from 1 to 3 of these tourist MCI SIM cards from an international airport or Hamrah Aval services center with a price of 1 US dollar or 2. These Hamrahe Aval SIM cards are specialized for tourists and they’re easier to use.

It is also recommended that you ask your agency (if they do provide such a service) for a borrowed fully-charged prepaid SIM card with enough internet packages to shorten your path. Anyway, in case you want to buy a prepaid Hamrahe Aval SIM card on your own, you need to bring your passport. Then you can buy MCI SIM cards from Hamrah Aval service centers in the city. Of course, an MCI agent can help you activate your MCI SIM card if he understands the language you speak (LOL). The best choice, in this case, is to buy your sim card from an international airport, so that you don’t face language problems.

Hamrahe Aval SIM Card Services, Hamrahe Aval Internet Package

The same as all other network operators in Iran, Hamrahe Aval has many services to offer; from which, prepaid Hamrahe Aval internet packages and conversation charges are the most necessary. There are several ways you can recharge your MCI SIM card, and purchase hamrah aval internet packages. These are the fastest ways to recharge your MCI SIM card (Hamrahe Aval SIM card):

  1. MCI Website
  2. MCI USSD codes
  3. Hamrahe Man App (you can download it from Google Play)

Unfortunately, the MCI website, USSD Hamrahe Aval codes, and Hamrahe Man application don’t support other languages in most necessary services. Due to this fact, Irancell is a better Iranian network operator for English speakers and Hamrahe Aval SIM cards are only good choices if you leave all the tasks to your agency (or your Iranian host).

The Quality of Hamrahe Aval SIM Card, Hamrahe Aval Charge, Hamrahe Aval Internet

Apart from the lack of English language services, Hamrahe Aval is the first and biggest among Iranian network operators. Hamrah Aval, with 17 million post-paid and 49 million pre-paid subscribers is a reliable operator. It has branches in almost every city in Iran and it has good coverage for both IR MCI internet packages and conversation packages. Hamrahe Aval is also famous for its special offers such as hamrahe aval free charge and free hamrahe aval internet for its customers on special occasions. All in all, we can say the MCI SIM card (especially tourist MCI SIM card) is a good choice for you, though you may face problems with the default MCI services language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my MCI sim card number?
  • Dial *06*# to get your phone serial number;
  • Send your phone serial number to 8080 via SMS.
How do I activate my MCI sim card internet?
  • Dial *10*231#
  • Send “1” in a text message to 8088
How can I buy Hamrahe Aval internet packages or charge?

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