Is Iran a Good Country to Travel & Is Iran Worth Visiting?

Where Elaborate Beauty, Oriental Wisdom & Ancient Treasures Are Expecting You!
Is Iran a Good Country to Travel to & Is Iran Worth Visiting
13 Feb

Is Iran a Good Country to Travel & Is Iran Worth Visiting?

Let me paint you a picture and leave it to you to decide if Iran is a good country to travel to and if it’s worth visiting. Close your eyes and imagine a mosque with a majestic blue dome and walls covered with intricate Islamic paintings and calligraphy. Now picture a historical Persian Garden made with artistic mastery, architectural ingenuity, and spiritual ideals. Then comes the engineering masterpiece of desert people and the majestic masterpieces that remain from the ancient world. Finally, a smiling Persian comes up to you to welcome you to the country. This is just part of the unique experiences you will have in Iran. The country is so incredibly ancient, diverse and hospitable that all you’ve heard about it will be challenged. The thing is, Iran is unique and it’s different from any destination you’ve ever been to. It is more of a country for culture, history and architecture lovers, as well as nature enthusiasts. It also fascinates gourmets and those interested in music and literature.

Some Destinations You Might Like to Know About

Is Shiraz Worth Visiting?

In April when the blossoms of sour orange trees fill the city with an unforgettable aroma and the precious historical gardens are filled with happy people, Shiraz becomes Iran’s sweetheart. Beyond that, Shiraz is cherished for the culture, the poets, the historical relics, and the nearby ancient mementos from Iran’s golden age.

The best time to visit Shiraz: All Year Round, but from around mid-March to early May Shiraz is unforgettable.

Is Isfahan Worth Visiting?

When Safavid kings made Isfahan the bustling center of the world in their time, they changed the destiny of the city forever. From that golden time, admirable Islamic masterpieces of artistic intricacy and architectural ingenuity have remained that make Isfahan well worth the visit.

The best time to visit Isfahan: Fall & Winter & Early Spring

Is Tehran Worth Visiting?

The Iranian capital is the storehouse of the most precious treasures of the ancient country. Iran’s top museums, museum palaces, galleries and cafés, as well as valuable modern structures and the modern lifestyle of Iranians make Tehran worth visiting.

The best time to visit Tehran: All Year Round

Is Yazd Worth Visiting?

The remains of one of the world’s oldest beliefs, Zoroastrianism, as well as an ingenious desert architecture make Yazd one of the most unique places you should visit in Iran. Nearby, Yazd also treats you to beautiful deserts and lovely villages.

The best time to visit Yazd: Fall, Winter & Early Spring

Is Kashan Worth Visiting?

Kashan is the hub of Iran’s most fascinating historical mansions. These mansions showcase the utmost beauty, mastery and intricacy of Persian mansion architecture. Kashan also enjoys other relics of historical and architectural value that make it worth the visit.

The best time to visit Kashan: Fall & Winter & Early Spring

Is Kermanshah Worth Visiting?

Kermanshah is a whole other world. The mountainous area of western Iran and the brave Kurds who live there make Kermanshah a charmer. This less-discovered destination treats you to beautiful nature, untouched culture, mystic music, local dishes, local clothes and local lifestyle in its lovely Hawraman Region (UNESCO).

The best time to visit Kermanshah: Spring

Is Tabriz Worth Visiting?

A labyrinthine oriental bazaar that used to be a hotspot of the ancient Silk Road, a precious blue mosque, and the nearby unique Kandovan Village make Tabriz worth the visit.

The best time to visit Tabriz: Spring & Summer

So, Is Iran a Good Place to Go?

Wondering if Iran is a good tourist destination? If you are into culture, history or even nature, Iran is one of the best destinations you can pick. The history dates back thousands of years, the culture is rich with spirituality, art, and morality, and the diverse nature ranges from dense forests and snow-capped mountains to hot sandy deserts and sunny islands.

Is Iran a Nice Country?

If by nice you mean beautiful, Iran is much beyond that. Iran is not only beautiful, but it is also enriching, enchanting and diverse. Thousands of years of history and a unique nature with amazing manifestations make Iran a good country to travel to. But even deeper than that, the literature is so wisely philosophical, the art is so captivatingly symbolic, and the music is so magically spiritual.

Is Iran Beautiful?

Iran is indeed so uniquely beautiful. Just take a look at these photos and you’ll know what I mean!

Zahra Soltani
Content Manager, International Relations Manager

To Zahra, introducing the beauties of Iran is a delight and an inherent mission! Beyond that, arts, culture, literature, mythology, and all the astonishing secrets of our marvelous universe set her soul on fire! This is what makes Zahra a filmophile, an insatiable reader, and a passionate writer.

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