Is It Safe to Travel to Iran Now? Iran Travel Safety Advices 2023

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safe to travel to Iran now?
22 Nov

Is It Safe to Travel to Iran Now? Iran Travel Safety Advices 2023

Despite what mainstream media wants you to believe, Iran has always been one of the safest places for tourists. So much so that some have even described the Iranian people as the friendliest and most hospitable people they’ve met! And it is no exaggeration! Iranians go out of their way to make a tourist feel welcome. This hospitality ranges from a kind welcome and a lovely chat, to generous treats and warm invitations. What about a trip to Iran during the protests? Is it safe to travel to Iran? Stay with me to find out and read more about Iran travel safety.

Where Does the Iranian Hospitality Come From?

Iranian culture! Looking at Iranian literature, major beliefs (Zoroastrianism and Islam) and local’s behavior you can trace the importance and even the sacredness of hospitality in the Iranian culture. Iranians are taught that guests are from God and they have tales in praise of hospitality. When the culture honors and applauds going out of your way to serve your guests well and make them feel good so much, no wonder that many tourists will have memorable experiences on their trip to Iran. So, it’s always safe to travel to Iran, because the kind people will be there for you. Especially in the western and southeastern part of Iran, seeing how people in deprived circumstances take pains to serve you with the bests they have and are protective of you will melt your heart.

Iran is Safe 1 - Is It Safe to Travel to Iran Now? Iran Travel Safety Advices 2023
Iran Travel Safety, Tourists in a Sight in Isfahan

Is It Safe To Travel to Iran Now?

At the moment, even in the midst of protests for compulsory hijab, you can have a safe and pleasant trip throughout Iran. The protests are often at nighttime when you will be resting peacefully at your hotel. And you can just get away from any protests you might encounter in daytime. The truth is, life is routine for many Iranians who are not protesting and many haven’t even encountered the protests. It is all a matter of getting a knowledge of the usual times and places for protests.

Iranian Protests 1 - Is It Safe to Travel to Iran Now? Iran Travel Safety Advices 2023
Protests in Iran

Iran Safety

Is Iran safe to visit? Indeed it is! Iran is a safe country because of its’ hospitable people. In fact, Iranian people are the reasons behind the safety in Iran. If you are about to visit Iran and you are worried about Iran safety, perhaps you will be surprised by Iranian’s kindness and hospitality as you get here.

Is It Safe to Travel to Iran as an American?

Iranian people don’t have a bad attitude toward another nations. On the contrary, Iranian people love to spend time with tourists coming from different countries. American tourists are so welcome in Iran as well. Numerous Americans who have traveled to Iran can vouch for the warmth and friendliness of the Iranian people. Because of this, visiting Iran as an American is not only safe but also a wonderful experience.

Travel to Iran Safety, What should I know before going to Iran?

Dress Code: Modesty is the key of dress code in Iran. Women should put on a scarf. But the great thing is that the rules are lax and you can be fashionable about it.

Travel to Iran Safety: Iran is a safe country for tourists. Political-wise, as long as you don’t enter illegal areas like military places, or don’t have political activities

The Vitality of VPNs: If you’d like to keep in touch with your loved ones back at home, you’ll need to go the Iranian style, meaning having a few good VPNs to try if one stops working.

Find more Iran travel tips here.

Iran travel safety - Is It Safe to Travel to Iran Now? Iran Travel Safety Advices 2023
Iran Safety

Iran Travel Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Iran Safety, Do tourists have to wear hijab in Iran?

Yes, the rule for all women is to wear a hijab and don’t show skin. But Iranian women are very lax and fashionable about it and so can you. A long-sleeved shirt, pants that come down to your ankles, and a shawl that covers part of your hair is enough.

Iran Travel Advice, What happens if you don’t wear hijab in Iran?

Since the present rules of Iran demand women to wear a hijab, tourists must follow the rules as well, even more so. If the rule is not followed, you might also have to expect confrontation from some people or the morality police.

How Safe is Iran? Are Iranians nice people?

You will probably not find kinder, more hospitable and more welcoming people than the Iranians. Hospitality is so valuable in the Persian culture that Iranians believe ‘guests are from God’. That’s why they’ll go above and beyond to make you feel welcome, safe and cared for.

Travel to Iran Advice, Is there red light area in Iran?

Like in any other country around the world, military, para-military and sensitive governmental areas are of course red light areas in Iran.

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